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Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ Shiny Rates Should Be Kept in Future Titles

Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ Shiny Rates Should Be Kept in Future Titles Image
  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 19:25 PM

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, a new method to catching Pokemon makes getting Shinies even easier, and this change should apply to future titles.

p>Now that Pokemon Legends: Arceus is in the hands of players everywhere, many fans are enjoying figuring out the game and its secrets. From fulfilling villagers' requests to exploring places such as the Crimson Mirelands and Alabaster Icelands, there are tons for players to do in the latest Pokemon game. One thing fans have been delighted to discover and learn with this title is that this game handles Shiny Pokemon differently from previous releases in a big way.

Shiny Pokemon have been in every major Pokemon release since Pokemon Gold and Silver. The "Shiny" version of these creatures are an alternate color scheme that varies from a simple change of one part of the Pokemon to every color being completely different. The "shiny" name for these special creatures comes from how they play a special sparkling animation upon being found or sent out into battle. Shiny Pokemon are notoriously rare, and finding and keeping one is an achievement for any trainer.

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Pokemon's Shiny Rate History

Even though Shiny Pokemon are just the same creature with different colors and special glittering animation, these monsters are incredibly rare with games such as Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl leaving the rate of encountering a Shiny at a 1-in-4,096 chance. Much like what happened with Pokemon Legends: Arceus, players have figured out strategies such as PokeRadar Encounter Chaining and the "Masuda Method." The Masuda Method involved having two Pokemon from different languages breed, and that could lower the rate as far as a 1-in-683 chance.

While many players saw the slim chances as a challenge and took it upon themselves to hunt even the rarest Shiny Pokemon, the chance of fans getting their dream sparkling critter has led to some very time-consuming and taxing hunts. Searching for Shiny Pokemon can even take years, with thousands of encounters, eggs to hatch, and resets. This lead to a big divide between the trainers who considered themselves "Shiny Hunters" and regular players who saw how long it took to get a Shiny and never wanted to attempt such a potentially long and grueling challenge.

How Pokemon Legends: Arceus Changes the Shiny Rate

After years of challenging the difficult odds of Shiny Hunting, Pokemon Legends: Arceus gives players a bit of an easier chance at obtaining the unique and rare creatures with Mass Outbreaks. Mass Outbreaks are random events fans can get before they leave Jubilife Village, designating a specific location in the region where Pokemon will spawn continuously until a certain number have been encountered. While this seems like the perfect opportunity to chain encounters for a Shiny, Mass Outbreaks make it even easier than it seems for Shiny Hunters.

In Mass Outbreaks, the odds of finding a shiny increase in the player's favor at a 1-in-158.2 chance. This is a staggering number that makes it the easiest way to get a Shiny without too much effort. These rates, along with the odds in general, decrease depending on whether or not fans have a completed or perfect Pokedex entry, along with if they have the Shiny Charm. With a completed entry, the rate for a Mass Outbreak Shiny sits at 1-in-152.9 chance. With it perfected, it lowers even further to 1-in-141.7 chance. These rates go even lower with the Shiny charm, with the general chance being 1-in-585.57 and the Mass Outbreak chance being 1-in-128.49.

These are some of the most player-friendly rates in Pokemon history, and it shows as multiple players have managed to get a Shiny during their playthrough with far less effort. With Mass Outbreaks being easy to quickly reset, these chances make it easy for even the most casual Pokemon fan to give Shiny Hunting a try, without burning themselves out or wasting days trying for their favorite creature. Compared to most games' Shiny Charm rates being left at 1-in-1365, these rates make completing the Pokedex as a whole far more rewarding on top of completing Legends: Arceus itself.

Leaving these Shiny chances in only Pokemon Legends: Arceus would be rather sad, considering many fans are happy with how easily they've been managing to get a sparkling new Pocket Monster partner. While it could be argued that leaving the increased rates in future games would potentially lessen the value of Shiny Pokemon, there may already be a solution.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, "Super Shinies" were introduced that are considerably rarer than the regular types of Shinies. Using Super Shinies and the rates found in Pokemon Legends: Arceus would be a great mix of both that could give Shiny Hunters their sense of adventure and make it so casual players can still have an easy chance at a rare and special creature.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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