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Pokemon TCG: The Most Valuable Cards In the Silver Tempest Expansion

Pokemon TCG: The Most Valuable Cards In the Silver Tempest Expansion Image
  • Posted on 19th Nov, 2022 15:40 PM

Pokemon TCG's Silver Tempest expansion is finally out, and there are already a handful of beautiful cards that collectors are eagerly chasing.

p>The Silver Tempest expansion is the last mainline entry in the Sword and Shield generation of Pokemon TCG. It is an appropriate send-off for the Galar region, as it allows players and collectors to enjoy V cards one more time before Pokemon TCG moves on to Pokemon ex cards, returning to the game after many years away. Already, there are a few cards that have shown themselves to be quite popular on the online market. Not unexpectedly, collectors are crazy for Lugia, and cards featuring this guardian of the seas fetch quite a lot of money online. Serena has proved to be the most sought-after Trainer, with collectors forking out big money for cards featuring her.

Following Silver Tempest, Pokemon TCG fans can look forward to the Paldea Collection that will kick off the Scarlet and Violet generation. The collection launches on January 6, which should hold fans over until Crown Zenith, which is a special set that will celebrate the era of Pokemon V cards. It will be Pokemon TCG's final adventure in the Galar region for the foreseeable future, so it is not to be missed for fans of Sword and Shield.

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Most Valuable Pokemon Cards in Silver Tempest

Silver Tempest places a lot of emphasis on Lugia, and the expansion features beautiful cards of the Pokemon. Lucky collectors may pull a sparkling gold and black secret rare Lugia VSTAR card. For those who aren't so lucky, it can be found online for around $43. Lugia's Rainbow Rare card is also highly desired, and collectors can already expect to pay as high as $47 for the colorful card. Currently, the most valuable Lugia card in the set is the Alternate Art Lugia V card which features a beautiful image of Lugia soaring above a terrified fisherman. It goes for as high as $299 online.

Unown has also emerged as a Silver Tempest superstar. The mysterious Pokemon has an alternate full art V card that is currently being hunted down by collectors. Fans should expect to pay around $75 to add it to their collection. Regidrago's alternate full art V card has also found great popularity and is currently selling for as high as $70. The beautiful card features the golem Pokemon surrounded by ancient architecture, with Lugia soaring in the background. Rayquaza is usually a fan favorite, and things are no different with Silver Tempest. The Ultra Rare Rayquaza VMAX from Silver Tempest's Trainer Gallery can be found for $49 online, making it a pricey collector's item.

Most Valuable Trainer Cards in Silver Tempest

There are quite a few memorable characters from the Pokemon X and Y era, but Serena has managed to become the one that has found the most popularity. Her gorgeous Rainbow Rare Trainer card can be found for as high as $45 online, while her full art card fetches $54. Serena's cards are pricier than the Friends of Galar card, which fetches about $30. It features beloved characters from Galar, including Victor, Bede, Hop, Marnie, and Gloria. Lance's full art card is also a hit, and collectors are paying up to $12 for it.

Silver Tempest brings an end to what has been an amazing year for Pokemon. As though the amazing expansion wasn't enough, Pokemon fans can also look forward to the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet video games which launch on November 18. They will take players to the Paldea region where there are new critters to discover and stronger Trainers to defeat. With new features such as TM crafting and auto-battles making an appearance, it is the perfect title for newcomers to ease their way into the franchise.

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