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Pokemon Unite: What You Need to Know About the Azumarill Release Date

Pokemon Unite: What You Need to Know About the Azumarill Release Date Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 18:25 PM

Pokemon MOBA Pokemon Unite reveals when Water/Fairy-type Azumarill will join the game’s expansive roster of playable characters.

p>Pokemon Unite seemed like quite the strange announcement for Pokemon fans. Combining Pokemon and their moves with gameplay similar to that of League of Legends or DOTA 2, Pokemon Unite has nevertheless proved to be a popular addition to the long list of Pokemon spin-off games. Like League of Legends or any other MOBA title, Pokemon Unite is constantly adding new characters to the roster, expanding it so that players can pick up their favorite Pokemon in the game.

Recently, two new additions to the Pokemon Unite roster were teased. While viewing an image where the previously released Duraludon can be seen looking at two case files, fans were quick to point out that Azumarill was likely coming to the game. Around a week later, this was confirmed by a new trailer that shows off Azumarill, though the Pokemon that was teased alongside it is still unknown. Looking at the pictures, which show off musical instruments, fans are unsure what Pokemon will be arriving after Azumarill, though the most popular guesses include Kricketune and Meloetta.

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Azumarill received its character spotlight for Pokemon Unite yesterday, showing off the Water/Fairy-Type Pokemon as an all-rounder, meaning that it can accomplish whatever role a team needs in the game. Some fans are already figuring out what role Azumarill fits best in Pokemon Unite. After analyzing its passive ability Huge Power, players have discovered that Azumarill will fit better in 1v1 fights and be slightly weaker when trying to hit multiple enemies with its abilities.

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Alongside showing off Azumarill's abilities and gameplay, Nintendo also revealed when the new character would be brought to Pokemon Unite. For Pokemon fans excited to play as Azumarill, they won't have to wait long as the character will be joining Pokemon Unite's roster on April 8. Some fans were slightly disappointed that the game would be getting another all-rounder character, though, as they believe there aren't enough "speedster" characters and hope that an addition like the Pokemon Weavile will be added to the game soon.

Azumarill joins an expansive roster of both traditional fan-favorite Pokemon like Charizard, Pikachu, and Jigglypuff, alongside newer additions to the franchise like Decidueye and Hoopa. Hoopa in particular has had Pokemon fans irritated recently, as the character's launch brought a wealth of bugs into the game, though these were fortunately fixed in a recent patch. Azumarill will mark the 35th Pokemon to be added to Pokemon Unite, and due to the game's teaser of a musical Pokemon, number 36 is sure to be joining soon after.

Pokemon Unite is available now for Mobile and Switch.

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