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Popular Twitch Streamer xQc Joins TikTok and Immediately Goes Viral

Popular Twitch Streamer xQc Joins TikTok and Immediately Goes Viral Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 15:35 PM

Hugely popular Twitch streamer xQc starts a TikTok account and immediately goes viral with his first, and very simple, video post.

p>The impact that TikTok has had in the social media industry can't be understated. Never mind that it turned around thinking regarding vertical video, TikTok has become one of the preferred forms of sharing ideas and communicating among young people across the world. It's always been inevitable that popular content creators from other platforms would be drawn to TikTok. The latest example comes from Twitch. Popular Twitch streamer xQc is the latest to join TikTok and he's already going viral.

In his first post on TikTok, xQc leaned over his camera and told his audience, "Hello." The text on the video says "FIRST TIKTOK BE NICE," and TikTok has certainly been so. The short video has been seen over 3.5 million times, has over 650,000 likes, over 13,000 comments, and has been re-shared over 7,600 times. Suffice to say, it's a wildly successful first endeavor for xQc.

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xQc is, surprisingly, not particularly aggressive when it comes to being active on social media platforms. He has a manager for his YouTube channel that posts clips from his Twitch streams. He rarely posts on Twitter, unless he has a hot take or response to someone else's hot take to share. He drops a selfie on Instagram once every several months. For the most part, xQc just enjoys streaming on Twitch and not having to worry about any of the rest. That's why his appearance on TikTok is entirely unexpected.

@twitchxqcow FIRST POST. IM LEARNING #fyp #xqc ♬ AUUGHHH - 🇩🇴

Whether or not xQc will continue to post on TikTok remains to be seen. His TikTok profile says, "Maybe ill post something for you," which likely captures his attitude toward the platform. Maybe he'll post something more, or maybe he won't. Looking at his behavior on other social media platforms, it'll likely be a rare occasion for xQc to post anything. When he does, however, expect his fanbase to make his videos go viral.

xQc's post on TikTok captures the idea behind the platform surprisingly well. Minimal effort went into xQc's post. All that mattered for its success was xQc's celebrity. It doesn't matter if xQc posts on the platform ever again. He still accrued over 250,000 followers with a single post.

For xQc, it's just another day on the internet. xQc's focus remains near-entirely on Twitch streaming and everything else is just a part of that. He was probably persuaded to make a TikTok by his Twitch chat, even. It's impossible to deny that it hasn't been effective for xQc, though. And Twitch likely appreciates xQc going viral on TikTok, too.

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