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PS2 Themed PlayStation 5 Console Orders Canceled Due to Threats

PS2 Themed PlayStation 5 Console Orders Canceled Due to Threats Image
  • Posted on 06th Oct, 2022 19:39 PM

Retailer SUP3R5 announces it is cancelling all PS2 themed PlayStation 5 orders due what it calls credible threats against its employees.

p>Customization can be a key element for many video game enthusiasts, taking something and changing it to fit a certain theme or design. Over the years, companies have provided fans a way to do this through special edition console versions, changeable faceplates from the Xbox 360 days, and more. While this new generation of consoles doesn't appear to be at that level quite yet, it hasn't stopped fans from designing impressive looking customized versions or third party companies like dbrand and Customize My Plates from attempting to offer different colored PlayStation 5 plates.

However, one company attempted to take things to a whole new level by creating an unofficial and special version of Sony's PlayStation 5 console. Late last year, a company called SUP3R5 announced a special PS2-themed version of the PlayStation 5 console and DualSense controller in an effort to "celebrate the 30th anniversary of PlayStation." Ditching the white of the PS5, this version was made to resemble the old PS2 style with the black matte finish with the classic style logo. The custom PS5 went on sale in very limited supply earlier this month, but things did not go according to plan.

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In a now deleted Twitter post, SUP3R5 announced that it was now cancelling all preorders of the custom PS5 console and issuing full refunds. While not getting into too many details, the company claims that the decision was made due to what it is calling credible threats to the safety of its employees. The company is choosing to take the threats seriously for now, but indicated that if it deems things are safe to try again, then it will. For now, it seems that people are getting their full refund back as initially promised, according to social media posts.

The news follows on the back of additional issues experienced during the preorder process. The company admitted earlier last week that it was having issues processing orders and payments, which ultimately led to a number of complaints from people attempting to secure one of these consoles. It's unknown if the credible threats are from a person or people who ultimately missed out on grabbing one due to a glitch or bug. Many assumed Sony wouldn't be okay with this considering this isn't sanctioned by the company who has no affiliation with SUP3R5 and the custom PS5 is unofficial. However, it's hard to imagine Sony would threaten the safety of people to shut this down rather than simply taking a more legal route.

With limited stock for both next generation consoles, many people have been opting to deal with third party companies and individuals to secure one rather than waiting. While this typically results in paying prices much higher than what a standard version would normally cost, some have even been swindled by those looking to score a quick buck. One man in Utah received a cinder block instead of a PS5 console after attempting to purchase a console through a seller on eBay.

The PlayStation 5 is available now.

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