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PUBG Update Makes A Ton of Changes to Sidearms

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  • Posted on 07th Oct, 2022 00:10 AM

The patch notes for the latest update to PUBG reveal various changes made to rebalance sidearm weapons in the popular battle royale.

p>PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds received another update on November 26 that applied fixes and improvements to the battle royale. Among the various changes brought to the game, the update tries to improve some of PUBG's weapons.

The PUBG update is called Update 9.2. It was initially released on PC earlier this month, and now the console version is currently available on all platforms. The update itself brought several changes to the game including a new dirt bike vehicle, new driver shooting feature, and the promoted Battle Bride Pass. However, a big standout was the changes made to the sidearms that either reduced or boosted damage.

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According to the PUBG patch notes, the goal was to balance the game's sidearm weapons alongside its other fixes. Every sidearm in the game had received its own set of changes and improvements to damage multipliers, aiming, ADS movement speed, and more. The team apparently wanted to make sure all secondary weapons received the improvements they need in this PUBG update, not just the game's vehicles.

The complete list of sidearms is extensive, but there are a few specific details prominent in the list. The changes for sidearms include damage multipliers, increased limb damage, making aiming more accurate with decreased deviation, and reducing weapon sway due to movement. Revolvers received a decreased movement deviation multiplier, with the Deagle having an increased rate of fire with 240 - 300 RPM, and players can now attach an extended QD mag to the Skorpion.

The developer team also made changes to the Beryl M762, which was already updated at the start of PUBG Season 9. The notes say the team agreed with frequent player feedback about how previous changes to the weapon didn't reduce the strength effectively enough, so the Beryl's magazine reload speed is now reduced by 10 percent while increasing the weapon's horizontal recoil is reduced by 5 percent.

The PUBG console update also brings the rest of the updates that were received in the 9.2 patch on PC. The update adds new skins and items along with the new Team Finder feature to the game, as well as an improved Report Pop-up user interface. There are also many bug fixes for the gameplay, locations, skins, and user interface.

The update even includes three Black Friday G-Coin bundles that offer discounts and bonus skins. The sales period for the DLC ends on December 4 for all the bundles, and players are encouraged to purchase them before they're gone. The latest PUBG console update made sure the sidearms got their fair share of changes, making them potentially more viable options as players try out these bundles.

Here's the complete list of changes to PUBG's Sidearms:

All sidearms

  • Increased headshot damage multiplier: 2.0 → 2.1
  • Increased limb damage multiplier: 1.0 → 1.05
  • Decreased aim deviation multiplier (aiming is now more accurate)
  • Increased laser pointer deviation multiplier 0.3 → 0.5. This is to counter the above mentioned change, making pistols more accurate in general but not totally dependent on laser pointer.
  • Increased prone stance deviation 0.6 → 0.8 (less accurate in prone)
  • Increased aimed movement speed multiplier 1.8 → 2.0
  • Increased ADS movement speed multiplier 1.6 → 2.0
  • Increased min reference velocity for movement deviation (speed at or below which movement deviation is not applied): 160 → 200
  • Increased movement ADS stabilization (decreased weapon sway caused by movement): Revolvers (R1895, R45): 0.2 → 0.9, Pistols: 0.2 → 0.8, Full-auto pistols (P18C, Skorpion): 0.2 → 0.7

Revolvers (R1895,R45)

  • Decreased movement deviation multiplier: 1.7 → 1.4
  • Increased min reference velocity for movement deviation (speed at or below which movement deviation is not applied): 160 → 250


  • Increased damage: 62 → 64
  • Increased ROF: 150 RPM → 300 RPM
  • Heavily decreased aim deviation (because it cannot attach laser pointer, so it is more accurate by default): 1.5 → 0.6
  • Increased recoil animation speed


  • Increased damage: 55 → 65


  • Decreased damage: 35 → 34
  • Increased ROF: 444 RPM → 600 RPM


  • Increased damage: 41 → 42


  • Increased ROF: 240 RPM → 300 RPM
  • Increased recoil animation speed to better match new ROF.


  • Decreased base pattern scale: 1.45 → 1.2
  • Decreased choke spread scale (lower spread): 0.85 → 0.8
  • Increased damage multiplier at 15m: 0.5 → 0.55


  • Can now attach extended QD mag.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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