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PUBG: What To Do With Polymers

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 15:21 PM

PUBG players may encounter Polymer in their inventory. What role do Polymer play as part of the Weapon Skin Upgrade system?

In PUBG: Battlegrounds, the popular and newly free-to-play battle royale game, players encounter a variety of items obtained in their inventory while opening Crates, completing Missions, ranking up, and utilizing various in-game modes.

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One such item is Polymer, which players may receive from multiple sources, such as crates from the Hideout.

The Hideout

From the main menu, players may find a Hideout section where they can purchase crates with G-Coin or Contraband Coupons obtained from events. From the Weapon Skin Contraband Crate, players may encounter items such as Material Items, Ordinary Weapon Skins, and Upgradeable Weapon Skins.

Weapon Skin Upgrades

The Weapon Skin Upgrade system first launched with the PUBG Season 12.1 update in May 2021. While PUBG: Battlegrounds has had customization options for player characters, the implementation of this new system may remind some players of PUBG Mobile, which has long had weapon customizations, such as those introduced in crossover events.

Material Items

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Material Items obtained from Weapon Skin Contraband Crates include Schematics and Polymer. These items can be used in the progressive upgrade process for Upgradeable Weapon Skins. This process consists of levels that gradually add cosmetics and animations.

Upgrade Levels

One of the first Upgradeable Skins, the [PROGRESSIVE] Gear Head – Beryl M762, detailed in KRAFTON's 12.1 patch notes. consists of 10 levels with the following characteristics:

  • Level 1: Basic Skin Cosmetic
  • Level 2: Magazine / Muzzle Skin
  • Level 3: Uncommon Skin Cosmetic
  • Level 4: BATTLESTAT Total Kills
  • Level 5: Insect Weapon Animation
  • Level 6: Killfeed Skin
  • Level 7: Grip Skin
  • Level 8: Rare Skin Cosmetic
  • Level 9: Loot Crate Skin
  • Level 10: Scope Skin

While these levels add progressive customization, it's notable that changes cannot be reverted. Completionist players may wish to maximize the levels on their Upgradeable Skins, while others may wish to remain at a lower level for their preferred aesthetic.

Premium Upgrades

Similar to PUBG Mobile, which offers both paid and free weapon customizations, the Weapon Skin Upgrade system in PUBG Battlegrounds allows for the use of G-Coins that may be purchased with real life money. These G-Coins may then be redeemed for Weapon Skin Contraband Crates individually or for ten at once.

Contraband Coupons

Instead of paying with real money through G-Coins, players may alternatively earn Contraband Coupons by completing Missions during special events or by purchasing them with weekly earned BP. Additionally, scraps obtained from prior Contraband Crate attempts can also be used to purchase items from the Scrap Broker.

Shopping With The Scrap Broker

The Scrap Broker offers items such as Weapon Skins that may be purchased outright, Schematics, or Contraband Coupons. Scraps do not expire, so players can accumulate enough scrap to redeem for desired skins.

Salvage System

Similar to the Dismantle feature in PUBG Mobile, players can use the Salvage feature to take duplicate skins received from Weapon Skin Contraband Crates and extract additional Material Items consisting of Polymer and Schematics. The number of items received depends upon the tier of Weapon Skin that is salvaged.

  • Common > 4 Polymer
  • Classic > 8 Polymer
  • Special > 16 Polymer
  • Rare > 28 Polymer
  • Elite > 40 Polymer
  • Epic > 200 Polymer
  • Legendary - Ordinary (not upgradeable) > 800 Polymer
  • Legendary & Upgradeable > 800 Polymer, 3 Schematics

Some Weapon Skin tiers, like Events, Basic, and Ultimate are not eligible to be salvaged.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available to play on Steam, Xbox, Playstation, and Stadia.

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