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Rumor Patrol: Diablo Animated Series in the Works for Netflix

Rumor Patrol: Diablo Animated Series in the Works for Netflix Image
  • Posted on 12th Nov, 2022 00:10 AM

A since deleted tweet from the writer of the upcoming Hellboy reboot seems to confirm that an animated series based on Diablo has been assigned a writer and showrunner.

p>Rumors about a possible Diablo TV series have been circulating over the past several weeks. Now, a since-deleted tweet is adding fuel to the speculation that the project is indeed in development, and that it will be an animated series rather than live-action.

The rumors of a Diablo TV show began with a report from Revenge of the Fans claiming Andrew Cosby, writer on the upcoming Hellboy reboot, would head the project. Perhaps due to the sparsity of concrete details and sources, news outlets were shy to report on the early rumors initially.

However, a tweet from Andrew Cosby himself seems to confirm that, at least at the time of its writing, Diablo would be made into an animated series and that Cosby would serve as writer and show-runner.

Diablo is a long-running series of hack-and-slash RPGs beginning in 1996 and continuing today with Diablo 3, which released in 2012. It isn't clear whether the series would focus on the lore of any particular installment or instead be a reboot of the entire trilogy. However, if the Netflix adaptation of Castlevania is anything to go by, it's very possible that the series will have an anime-inspired visual style and narrative structure.

In other Diablo-related news, Switch owners can expect the latest title in the Diablo franchise to arrive on the portable hybrid console this coming November 2. Nintendo officially confirmed the fast-approaching release date shortly after the news was confirmed that a Switch port would be arriving. The online multiplayer RPG comes just in time to take advantage of Nintendo's new online service, which will hopefully help ensure a smooth, consistent online experience.

For those that can't have enough Diablo in their lives, it should come as positive news that Blizzard recently teased that "multiple Diablo projects [are] in the works." While today's news is certainly an enticing prospect, the holy grail of good news for Diablo fans would surely be the announcement of a brand new installment in the series. Unfortunately, no such news regarding such a project has surfaced.

Source: Revenge of the Fans

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