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Sealed Copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 Sets World Record Price at Auction

Sealed Copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 Sets World Record Price at Auction Image
  • Posted on 06th Oct, 2022 22:39 PM

Heritage Auction reveals a recent sale of Super Mario Bros. 3 sets another world record after the game is sold for an insane amount.

p>It is without a doubt that Mario is one of Nintendo's most important video game characters, ever since he made his debut appearance in the 1981 Donkey Kong arcade game. Of course, given Mario's popularity, sealed copies of some of his iconic games like Super Mario Bros. 3 have since become important collector's items, with some avid collectors paying insane amounts of money obtain them.

Earlier in July, it has been reported that a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. for NES has sold for $114,000. At the time, this purchase set a record for the most expensive game ever sold. Now, this record has since been broken by another Mario Game. Heritage Auctions revealed that it was able to see a sealed copy of the 1990 NES game Super Mario Bros. 3 for a whopping amount of $156,000. According to the auction handlers, the opening bid started at $62,5000, and 20 bidders got in the game, which quickly drove the price upward.

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Moreover, Heritage Auction's director revealed no surprise to see another Super Mario game setting a world record. The director confirmed that this particular copy of the game is in remarkable condition, but what sets it apart from the rest is the layout of the packaging itself. Apparently, the game has the word "Bros." It is formatted to the left, covering Mario's signature white gloves. It has been revealed that this particular layout is rare, and collectors have spent years looking for this version, given that it is one of the earliest produced in Super Mario Bros. 3 history. For players who want to relive the nostalgic experience that Super Mario Bros. 3 has to offer, the game is available on Nintendo Switch via Nintendo Switch Online.

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It is worth noting that Super Mario Bros. 3 is not the first Nintendo product to be sold at insane prices at auction this year. Just last September, Heritage Auctions released a press releasing that a sealed box of Pokemon TCG First Edition sold at auction for a price of $78,000. Then, another box was sold at $100,000, and a holographic starry sky silhouette of MewTwo for $90,000.

Of course, given that both the Super Mario and Pokemon franchises have since become iconic pillars of the video game community, it is no longer surprising that avid collectors are still purchasing these valued items for insane prices. In the end, it just goes to show how Super Mario, Pokemon, and Nintendo have all been a huge part of people's lives and continues to captivate a new generation of players of all ages.

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