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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trailer Shows How Lara Uses Her Resources

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  • Posted on 11th Nov, 2022 19:40 PM

Crystal Dynamics releases a new trailer for the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider that shows Lara's keen survival instincts when it comes to resource management.

p>In the next few weeks, Crystal Dynamics will release Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the conclusion to the reboot trilogy for Lara Croft which began back in 2013. The game has been shown off quite a bit at this year's Gamescom, and the newest trailer for the game shows off a number of new features including resource management and skills that Lara will have in her newest adventure.

The short gameplay trailer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider shows off a number of new abilities players will get to use as Lara. The first thing to point out from the trailer is the ever-expanding skill tree that can be accessed whenever taking rest at a campfire. It appears as though there are three distinct categories of skills players can develop with Lara, but for the sake of the trailer there was a focus on the scavenger element, and how being resourceful will be a major factor in surviving against both the environment and hostile enemies.

Some of the new scavenger skills shown off in the trailer include the ability to sense animals and resources in the surrounding environment with the Eye of the Eagle skill; the Viper's Lure ability, which creates a deadly poison cloud near enemies; and being able to slow down time while aiming weapons with the Scales of the Serpent skill. Much like the preceding games in the new Tomb Raider series, being able to master a number of these skills will surely be essential to overcoming the world's toughest challenges and unlocking secret areas.

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It looks as though having the most skills and weapons ever will be an important aspect for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, as the development team has made it clear the conclusion of the series will be the toughest one yet for players.

While rumors around the third game have been around for the past few years, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix officially revealed Shadow of the Tomb Raider this past April. The game also has high expectations commercially when it launches this September, as the reported budget for the game's development and marketing exceeds well over $100 million.

Another change to this entry is the lack of any exclusivity deals on consoles. Rise of the Tomb Raider launched as a timed exclusive for the Xbox One in 2015, before releasing on the PlayStation 4 the following year. For the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Square Enix has decided to forgo any console deals and will have a multiplatform launch.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider launches on September 14th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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