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Sifu: How To Beat Jinfeng The CEO

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 18:05 PM

Sifu players who are looking to locate and defeat Jinfeng The CEO in the Tower level are going to have to master the timings of her attacks.

p>Sifu’s fourth level, the Tower, pits players against Jinfeng the CEO, a tough boss who wields a roped weapon. Between the beginning of the level and this fight are an assortment of challenging enemies and mini-bosses that wear away at players and make this fight in Sifu especially difficult.

Jinfeng the CEO is the fourth boss in the game and, while she may have some straightforward patterns, she has the potential to cause players headaches; especially those who are looking to unlock Sifu's true ending. For anyone looking to take down Jinfeng the CEO, this guide is here to help.

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How to Beat Jinfeng the CEO’s First Phase?

While approaching this fight, even with the shortcut unlocked, players will encounter about a dozen enemies and a pair of mini-bosses before reaching Jinfeng. Also, along this path are a pair of Shrines that players can use to add new skills to their character's repertoire in Sifu. Once players are at the second of these Shrines, they can take a leap of faith down and enter the boss arena.

Jinfeng the CEO has a relatively straightforward pattern to learn in this first phase of the fight. She will launch a high attack, follow that with another high attack, and then swing a low sweeping attack. This means that when it comes to being at a medium or far distance from Jinfeng, players need to hold their guard up and dodge down, down, and then up. Once the final blow in this trio of attacks is done, players can run right at Jinfeng and land at least a few hits before needing to jump back.

As with other boss fights, one of the more helpful skills that Sifu offers is called Focus Regain underneath the Score-Based benefits at Shrines. With this, players gain Focus more rapidly for parrying or dodging attacks. Since Jinfeng has a predictable routine of three attacks, this bonus will be especially useful. It is important to note that when mistakes are made in this fight and the player gets hit, Jinfeng will likely follow this up with a sweeping low attack to knock the player down. Dodging this can be the difference between an easy fight and a long struggle.

How to Beat Jinfeng the CEO’s Second Phase?

Once players have weakened Jinfeng to the point of no health, the battlefield will change and the second phase will begin, removing one death from the death counter and topping off the player's health bar, just like other boss fights in Sifu. The major difference between the first phase and the second involves the first attack Jinfeng uses. The boss's rope weapon will glow, and she will hit the player with a sweeping high attack. If players mistime ducking or try to parry, they will be wrapped up, dragged over to Jinfeng, and dealt two devastating hits.

The timing of the attacks is a bit different from the first phase, but the boss sticks with their high attack, high attack, low attack trio in the second phase. Fortunately, this makes Jinfeng relatively straightforward when compared to other bosses, like Sifu's Kuroki who changes styles completely. Players can continue to dodge low, low, and high and then run in and do as much damage as possible. They should also work on getting the focus bar up and using Focus attacks often, which should make it a fairly straightforward fight.

Sifu is available now on PS4, PS5, and PC.

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