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Sifu: Where To Find The Shortcut In The Museum Level

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 18:30 PM

Sifu players who are looking to find and unlock the two shortcuts in the game's third level, the Museum, can use this guide for help.

p>Sifu’s third level, the Museum, sets the tone early by greeting players with two gang members, one wielding a large blade and the other wielding a baseball bat. Sifu continues to ratchet up the difficulty with this level, so players should focus on getting the shortcuts as soon as possible.

Sifu does give players a peace offering, however, which comes in the form of two shortcuts that players can use to make life a little easier, though both are locked behind numerous challenging enemies. For those Sifu players looking to unlock the shortcut on the Museum level, this guide is here to help.

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How to Unlock the First Shortcut in the Museum Level

The third level of Sifu is split into two sections: the Museum and a dream-like reality. The first of the two shortcuts unlocks the stairwell, which makes the first section easier. The second allows players to head straight to the boss fight. Unfortunately, unlocking either one can be a significant challenge for players who have not mastered the basic skills in Sifu because of the sheer amount of challenging enemies.

Before players start, it is recommended that they earn themselves some of Sifu's permanent skills to better prepare them for this level. After dealing with the first pair of guards, players can then head into the first exhibit on the right side of the room. There are just a pair of enemies in the middle part of this exhibit and one of them is hiding to the right of the entrance of the dark room. After defeating these characters, players are greeted by the last enemies on the floor: two guards with baseball bats and another with a large blade.

Entering the second floor will alert the two armed guards protecting the next exhibit entrance. Within the second floor exhibit are a pair of Sifu's second boss, Jason the Fighter's disciples. After this fight, players enter an elaborate art exhibit featuring armed guards as well as a spinning art exhibit. It is best to keep away from the moving object while fighting and players must remember that there is a shrine located in this room as well.

Before players even get to the third floor, they will be assaulted by three more guards. Unfortunately, after defeating these enemies and entering the third exhibit, players will discover it is far from the most beginner-friendly moment in Sifu. The first room features over half a dozen armed enemies that will rush players from behind the temporary walls inside. When players finally manage to get through this fight, they'll encounter a mini-boss that holds the keycard to the stairwell. By gaining this keycard, players can skip the exhibits and avoid about two dozen enemies the next time through the Museum level of Sifu.

How to Unlock the Second Shortcut in the Museum Level

With the first shortcut now acquired, players can now work their way up the stairwell to the top of the building. They will encounter three armed guards on the stairs between the first and second level, two more guards on the second floor, as well as an avoidable mini-boss on the third floor. On the fourth floor, players can make their way across and towards a shrine. Players can also pick up one of Sifu's trophies here by throwing an enemy off of this area. Further down the path from this point, players can hop over the glass wall and head to a new realm through the sculpture hanging from the roof.

This puts players in a dark realm where they have to fight off waves of opponents. The first wave is a large group of regular enemies, while the second consists of two masked figures and a large NPC. After these fights, players enter a wall of white to find themselves in a side-scrolling section. They'll then have to fight their way to the left against different groups of enemies.

After this, players will fight another mini-boss in a tight arena space. This bald man can be a difficult fight, but blocking and parrying should be enough for players to get to the next area. From here, they'll enter an even more dream-like part of the level in which they fight their way through mannequin-filled rooms. It is important to use caution here as some of these are hidden enemies. This all culminates in a battle against twin figures with blades on their feet. These characters hold the elevator pass that functions as the second shortcut. With the defeat of these enemies, players can head back into the level and use the elevator to go directly to the boss, making for a much faster run in the next playthrough of Sifu.

Sifu is available now on PS4, PS5, and PC.

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