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Skyrim Player Traps Necromancer In Their Own Black Soul Gem

Skyrim Player Traps Necromancer In Their Own Black Soul Gem Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 23:10 PM

While exploring a Necromancer dungeon in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, a player discovers that they can trap enemies in their own Black Soul Gems.

p>Bethesda Softworks recently released a new edition of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, and since then, an influx of fans has been uncovering unique details that may have passed them by on their initial playthrough. One such player discovered a way to trap a Necromancer in their own Black Soul Gem when they pickpocketed them in the Bethesda RPG.

Reddit user Ultraranger72 posted a clip of their Skyrim adventure yesterday in which they sneak up behind a Master Necromancer standing on a platform slightly above them. As the Skyrim player approaches the Necromancer facing away from them, they stealthily choose to pickpocket the enemy to great success. Moving a Black Soul Gem from the enemy inventory to their own, Ultraranger72's Pickpocketing skill increases to 25 as they choose the other option in the action menu to capture the Necromancer's soul.

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Rather than merely attacking the Necromancer while in Stealth to get a critical strike, Ultraranger72 selects the "Slit throat" option for the Necromancer, which prompts a brief finishing move cutscene. In this cutscene, Ultraranger72 brings their magical Bound Weapon up to the Master Necromancer's level before slashing them on the back rather than the front, causing them to collapse as their soul is absorbed into the Soul Gem. Because Ultraranger72 only has the Black Soul Gem pickpocketed from the Necromancer during this video, the enemy's soul is trapped inside their own gem.

This Skyrim player noted that they utilized the menu options instead of simply slaying the Necromancer once the Black Soul Gem had been pickpocketed to ensure that the finishing move animation initiated, something that usually encounters issues when a player is on a different level than their enemy. This animation showed the Skyrim player slashing the dark sorcerer with their Bound Weapon, which is achieved through improving the Conjuration field of magic. This Bound Weapon can be further fortified with potions like Fortify One-Handed and Fortify Marksman to make a Skyrim conjurer more powerful.

Black Soul Gems are different from standard Skyrim Soul Gems in that they capture the souls of humanoids like the Master Necromancer in Ultraranger72's clip. These souls are always of grand level, which makes them more appealing to Skyrim enchanters because grand white souls are usually found in tougher enemies like the many Mammoths dotting the Skyrim landscape. Soul gems are used to enchant the endless arsenal of Skyrim weapons, with grand souls like these powering them more than lesser or common counterparts.

Ultraranger72 is using multiple mods for their current playthrough, noting iequip, SkyUI, Skyrim Unbound, and Stealthtools specifically. Although Ultraranger72 didn't mention which lighting mods they used to create their video, some Skyrim fans have noted that there's something altering the Skyrim aesthetics to make darks and lights more vibrant beyond an altered brightness. Given Ultraranger72's joy in trapping the Necromancer in the Black Soul Gem following their assassination, this Skyrim player may keep the enemy trapped indefinitely.

Skyrim is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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