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Skyrim: Proving Honor Quest Guide

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  • Posted on 30th Sep, 2022 06:25 AM

In Skyrim's Companions questline, the Dragonborn must first prove their worth by completing Proving Honor before joining the werewolf clan.

p>Proving Honor is a quest in the Companions storyline in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim where the Dragonborn must prove themselves before becoming a full-fledged member of the Companions faction.

This Skyrim quest begins after completing a series of tasks for the Companions. But before the Dragonborn can become a true member of the faction, Farkas will observe the Dragonborn's progress and accompany them into Dustman's Cairn, where they will replace any follower the player currently has with them. Dustman's Cairn is located in Whiterun's Hold, southeast of Morthal. Aside from the Silver Hand members, a common enemy of the Companions, most of the enemies inside are the usual Skyrim dungeon crawlers: Draugr and Frostbite Spiders.

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Dustman's Cairn.

Upon entering Dustman's Cairn, Farkas will inform the Dragonborn that "someone's been digging here," alluding to the Silver Hands that are also searching for the Fragment of Wuuthrad. The first room with a table will be empty, however, and the player can walk through the hallway without interruption of Draugr until they get to the crypt. A few lower-level Draugr can be found in these rooms but can be quickly done away with.

After finding the wooden door, descend deeper into Dustman's Cairn. No enemies will be in these next two rooms, but the Dragonborn will be stopped by a locked gate. To the left of the closed gate will be a threshold with an open gate, indicated by the spikes sticking out of the doorway above. But the player will need to pull the lever beyond it to progress the Companion's questline. After pulling the lever, the Dragonborn will trap themselves and a cutscene will play out, revealing that the inner circle of the Companions are werewolves.

Farkas will defeat them with ease thanks to his beast form and will let the player out before he explains their werewolf blood. If the player continues down the Companions' questline, they will also get the werewolf ability. Continue onward through the now-open gate. A couple of rooms in, the Dragonborn will have to defeat two Silver Hands, then pass through another two wooden doors before finding more Silver Hand enemies. After defeating the Silver Hand in the room with the large wooden staircase, underneath the ramp is a chest that can be lockpicked.

Head up the stairs, then straight down a stone ramp before heading to another wooden door. Navigate through these crypts and defeat a few Silver Hands alongside Farkas. Descend down a small set of stairs to another wooden door that opens up to a large, mostly empty room aside from another Silver Hand. Pass through the wooden door and descend the stairs again, defeating the few Silver Hands in this room to enter Dustman's Crypt.

Dustman's Crypt

Upon entering Dustman's Crypt, kill the Silver Hand beyond the door and head through the wooden door, revealing a caged overpass. Continue through it and navigate through more iconic Skyrim crypts, descending further and defeating several more Silver Hands and Draugr that will awaken. The Dragonborn will eventually come to a wooden ramp that leads to a large room with many Draugr already killed. The wooden double doors ahead are locked and require a key, which can be found in the chest to the left.

Other than some measly Skyrim Skeevers and Frostbite Spiders, the player can navigate through the next few rooms without interruption. After defeating the Spiders, head up a natural ramp and use the stone bridges to pass over the water before arriving at another crypt. Upon breaching the iron doors, the Dragonborn will have arrived in the final room with a Word Wall containing a phrase for the Fire Breath shout.

After picking up the Fragment of Wuuthrad, several highler-level Draugr will appear. After defeating them, the player can head through an empty coffin to return back to Dustman's Cairn and will need to return back to Jorrvaskr to complete the quest.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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