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Slew of BioShock Infinite Updates Spark Rumors About Big News Coming

Slew of BioShock Infinite Updates Spark Rumors About Big News Coming Image
  • Posted on 01st Apr, 2022 14:09 PM

With Cloud Chamber working on the next entry in the BioShock series, some fans notice unusually frequent updates for 2013's Infinite.

p>Despite there having been no new entry in the BioShock series, outside the "Burial at Sea" content, since 2013, the gaming community at large has never forgotten about it, hoping for a new installment. BioShock 4 is currently in development at Cloud Chamber, and it's rumored to be out by 2024, which would mean more than a decade would have passed since Infinite launched. Speaking of Infinite, some people have been noticing a lot of updates to the game lately, and it means that something may be brewing.

In a post on the GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit, fans have been speculating about what could possibly be happening with BioShock Infinite. According to the database over on SteamDB, a site which tracks all things related to the Steam platform, the nine-year-old release has been receiving a lot of updates, and no one really knows why. The last update, according to the website, was from three days ago, but it's not clear what exactly has been updated.

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Some have said it could be in relation to the Nvidia leak which mentions a BioShock remaster, specifically an RTX overhaul for Infinite. Others briefly mention the idea of the game becoming compatible with the Steam Deck. While the game is pretty old now, a port to Valve's mobile PC would almost certainly go down well with fans. However, one user did spot that in one of the updates, it mentions a "2K launcher," which could suggest that the publisher is working on its own game launcher for either this entry or the series on the whole.

At this stage, it can't be said with certainty what's happening with BioShock Infinite, but the mention of the launcher in the update notes is a pretty significant smoking gun. With Netflix currently making a BioShock movie, it's clear that studios and the surrounding community are keen to see the franchise make a comeback, especially with a fourth game in development.

While it doesn't seem to matter which BioShock game was the best, the fact that people are still debating it shows it's still in the cultural conscience, which is probably why it's being revived. Hopefully, there will be some news forthcoming about what this latest slew of updates all means, but there's a good chance that something pretty substantial is in the works. Whether or not it will be a ray-tracing update or a launcher from 2K should become evident soon enough.

BioShock 4 is currently in development. BioShock Infinite is out now for PC, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Source: SteamDB

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