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Spot on Elden Ring Map Looks Suspiciously Like Among Us Crewmate

Spot on Elden Ring Map Looks Suspiciously Like Among Us Crewmate Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 19:10 PM

A player’s dormant skills for spotting suspicious crewmates in Among Us suddenly resurfaces in a surprising place, the Elden Ring map screen.   

p>The size of Elden Ring’s expansive world map is not immediately obvious to new players. At the start of the game players are sent blinking out into Limgrave, the luscious green region that fits well among other iconic video game starting areas. After obtaining the map fragment for this area players see how small the Limgrave east is compared to the sea of foggy unexplored map surrounding it. Then after getting past Stormviel Castle the player is confronted again with just how far north the map stretches.

Elden Ring doesn’t use location markers to help the player explore all the secrets around the game's world. Players instead have to use the map and the landscape, both of which are masterfully designed to guide the player towards interesting secrets. The map is done in an old-fashioned style to suit the era of the game but is still incredibly detailed in describing the landscape.

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It's true for both real life and video games that when people look closely at map, they will eventually start seeing images drawn in the landscape. As a whole Elden Ring’s map is a large nondescript arc that doesn’t resemble anything. But when the player can zoom in and see every boulder drawn in line-art, eventually shapes are going to appear. A suitably gaming themed drawing was found by Reddit user u/Groomgrim who described their discovery as something they can't unsee, “so you guys have to see it too.”

The Image shows the map of the half-submerged township just south of the Raya Lucaria Academy. The islands on the map are the rooftops of the buildings and pieces of the landscape managing to remain above the surface. The image then zooms in on one of these islands to reveal the distinct shape of a crewmate from Among Us, the social deduction game that boomed in popularity in 2020.

Game developers often try to avoid making recognizable shapes when designing a game’s map, and if they do, it is usually a feature noted in the name or lore for the area. This was the case in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a game that had a similarly detailed map to help players discover secrets. Using the game’s map helped BotW players discover places like the heart shaped pond suitably named Lover’s Pond which even had in-game lore attributed to it, along with its joke broken-heart pond counterpart.

The Among Us crewmate however is clearly just an unfortunate placement rather than any legitimate Easter egg. Though the Reddit user is right when they say it can't be unseen, as the comments under the post are a mix of fans mad about this being in their head forever, and the inevitable Elden Ring/Among Us jokes.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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