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Spring 2022 Preview: Date A Live IV

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 22:40 PM

Date A Live IV might finally bring Shido's story to a close. But what can fans expect from the latest season of this classic harem series?

p>Date a Live is an anime based on the light novel series written by Koshi Tachibana. It is a thrilling sci-fi anime filled with adventure, romance, and comedy. With news of season four set to release in 2022, a preview of the earlier seasons to remind fans of what the show has to offer is important. The anime revolves around Shido Itsuka, who meets a mysterious-looking girl who is later revealed to be a “Spirit” from another universe who enters the real world. This mystery girl is initially portrayed as the leading cause of the planet’s immediate problems: spatial quakes.

Later on in the anime, it turns out that this one mystery girl isn’t the only source of his problems. Collectively, “Spirits” are the main cause of mankind’s impending doom. So, to prevent the planet's destruction, Shido has to seal these "Spirits'" powers, which can only happen when they fall in love with him. Soon, Shido leads a harem, where Spirits compete for his affection. At first glance, dating Spirits seems silly. However, the anime executes the idea on a totally different level. The impressive character illustrations, comedy-filled episodes, and the occasional fantasy-lined events make Date A Live a top-notch anime.

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The Plot of Date A Live

Date a Live introduces viewers to a set of powerful beings, "Spirits," that control magic and are the main cause of Earth's 30-year-long large-scale disasters, known as "spatial quakes." The anime reveals two different options for dealing with these problematic spirits. The first is by killing them. So, humanity waged war against these otherworldly creatures by using the AST (Anti Spirit Team), a Japan Ground Self-Defence Force member team. These battles were fought with the Spirits using weapons from Deus Ex Machina industries. The second option for alleviating the spatial quakes was by allowing the Spirits to date the main character, Shido.

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On the other hand, Shido's strategy involved making the Spirits fall in love with him and then sealing their magical powers with a kiss, making them human in the process. Of course, Shido couldn't do this alone. He does this with the assistance of Ratatoskr, an organization in charge of overseeing the operation.

In essence, the main character’s role is to win over the Spirits and keep them happy afterward. By season two, Shido had already won the hearts of six Spirits: Itsuka Kotori, Yatogami Toka, Yuzuru & Kaguya Yamai, Izayoi Miku, Tokisaki, and Himekawa Yoshino. However, his lucky streak hits a stopgap when he encounters Tokisaki Kurumi, a powerful Spirit with time manipulation abilities. Despite her apparent interest in shido, she refuses to let him seal her powers. Even with each Spirit's powers being sealed, they are still able to harness their abilities in dicey situations.

Season three of Date A Live centered on Shido wooing two Spirits. The first was Natsumi, alternatively known as Witch. After meeting Shido, Natsumi's true form is revealed, and as a form of revenge, she toys with Shido. Making Natsumi fall in love with him proved to be a tasking objective for Shido since he had to teach her what love truly meant in the first place. The second Spirit turns out to be Shido’s classmate Tobiichi Origami.

Important Loose Ends Date A Live IV May Cover

Origami was a member of the Anti-Spirit team who resolves to kill the Spirit who murdered her parents. Not finding any clues earlier in the anime, she was silent in the first season. However, later on, she sets herself on the path of revenge by becoming a Spirit to time-travel to the past and kill the Spirit that was involved in her parent's demise. But the path to revenge is never smooth. Origami's plan doesn’t go according to the script, and in the end, Shido intervenes, seals her powers, and helps her handle her psychological scars, bringing season 3 to an end.

Despite the exciting scenes Date A Live offers, there are still loose ends that need to be filled, including the sealing of Kurumi's powers and the reveal of Shido's true form. Season 4 of this rom-com series will start on April 8th. Hopefully, this season will offer more thrilling scenes for fans to enjoy.

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