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Spy x Family: The Secret Organizations Behind Loid and Yor Forger

Spy x Family: The Secret Organizations Behind Loid and Yor Forger Image
  • Posted on 07th Jun, 2022 17:30 PM

Loid and Yor Forger may be amazing at what they do, but the secret organizations behind them are even more impressive.

p>Loid Forger is a spy, while his wife, Yor Forger, is an assassin. However, none of them know each other's true identities. To him, she is just a woman who works in the city council, and to her, he is just a kind-hearted father and psychiatrist.

The fact that these two people could end up as husband and wife, albeit a fake and temporary one, is nothing sort of an amazing coincidence. After all, both of them are quite infamous in their own line of work. So how can two people who are so good at collecting information fail to realize the identity of each other? The answer is because of the gargantuan yet intricate secret organizations behind them that can always perfectly cover their tracks.

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How Loid Forger Became a Spy

Before we get to the two secret organizations behind this power couple, let's briefly talk about how each of them becomes who they are today. Loid was just a little boy when missiles from Ostania destroyed his hometown in Eastern Westalis. He lost both of his parents and everybody he knew during the constant bombing assault that happened not long after.

He spent his childhood constantly on the move from one shelter to the next. He did everything he could just to survive. Life was a living hell to him. That was why he decided to enlist as a Westalis soldier by faking not only his age, but also his name. After all, everybody who knew his real name was already consumed by the war. He was a really brave and skillful soldier, so it didn't take a long time for him to be a sergeant, despite being younger than most people there. However, his heart began to fill with doubt about whether this cycle of killing could truly bring about a better future. And that was when Loid was approached by a mysterious man who would change his life forever.

The Secret Organization Behind Loid Forger

The mysterious man who approached Loid turned out to be an intelligence operative, and he wanted to recruit Loid to be a secret agent just like him. Feeling that there's nothing left for him to do in the military, Loid accepted the offer. He soon found out that he was recruited by W.I.S.E, a Westalia Intelligence Service. Loid underwent harsh training and aced every test from the agency. Once he was deemed to be ready, he was given the codename: Twilight. It didn't take long for him to become the best spy Westalis has to offer.

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Whenever Loid has a new mission from W.I.S.E, his handler, a calm and calculated woman named Sylvia Sherwood, would contact him through elaborately hidden means. As for the tools to help him in his missions, he gets them from a man named Franky Franklin. Franky can craft all kinds of spy tools, sort of like the "Q" from James Bond. Loid is currently in the middle of a long-term mission called "Operation Strix", which requires him to have a fake family. But along the way, W.I.S.E. also gave him all sorts of short-term missions, such as stopping terrorists or catching a group of smugglers. W.I.S.E. is also the one who manages Loid's fake job as a psychiatrist in Berlint General Hospital.

How Yor Forger Became an Assassin

Before Yor married Loid and becomes a Forger, her maiden name was Briar. She has a younger brother named Yuri, and they have been orphans since they were small. The Briar siblings spent their childhood in Eastern Nielsberg, Ostania.

From a young age, Yor had to work part-time jobs to support her brother Yuri. Yor had to take on the role of a father, a mother, and a sister to make sure her brother can live a normal childhood. That is pretty much why Yuri grew up to be a man with a severe sister complex. When she was a teenager, a secret organization noticed Yor's incredible physical ability and recruited her to be their member. At this point in time, Yor didn't really care what kind of jobs that she had to do as long as she could bring food to the table and buy the textbooks that her brother needed for school.

The Secret Organization Behind Yor Forger

The secret organization that recruited, trained, and employed Yor is called simply as "The Garden". They are Ostania's unofficial paramilitary organization that focuses solely on eliminating individuals that the shadow government deemed as threats or traitors. Occasionally, they will also conduct a protection duty for special members of the Ostanian government or other VIPs. The Garden is filled with elite assassins, but even among them, Yor stood out as one of their best assets. Her codename is "Thorn Princess" and she is infamous in the underworld as the most deadly assassin who never failed to eliminate her target.

Just like Loid, Yor's day job as a clerk in Berlint City Hall is also given to her by her employee. The manager of her workplace is actually a member of the Garden. Whenever she gets a new mission, the Garden will call her by phone, either directly to her personal number, or through her manager in the City Hall. The leader of the Garden is a middle-age man known simply as "The Shopkeeper". And just like Yor, The Shopkeeper is also a trained killer. Yor used to received regular missions from the Garden, but ever since she married to Loid and becomes a mother to Anya, she tried to lessen her assassination activities. Nowadays, she only receives special cases given to her directly by the shopkeeper himself.

Those are the secret organizations behind Loid and Yor Forger. W.I.S.E and The Garden may come from opposing nations, but both of them are incredibly effective at what they do. That is why the fact that the best agent from both organizations accidentally ended up becoming a couple is simply mind-blowing and hilarious at the same time.

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