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Steam Deck Competitor GPD Allegedly Uses Deck Footage For Its Own Marketing Materials

Steam Deck Competitor GPD Allegedly Uses Deck Footage For Its Own Marketing Materials Image
  • Posted on 09th Apr, 2022 00:25 AM

GPD, the company behind the first mainstream handheld gaming PC products, is accused of using Steam Deck videos for its own marketing purposes.

p>Valve's Steam Deck has been one of the most important topics in the gaming industry ever since its announcement, and now that the devices are slowly being rolled out to the public, the hype doesn't seem to have subsided all that much. Not everyone seems to be thrilled about the success of this particular handheld PC, however, with one competing company, in particular, seemingly attempting to disparage the Deck.

Specifically, it would seem that GPD, the company behind some of the first handheld gaming PCs on the market - such as GPD Win and GPD XD - is hoping to diminish the Steam Deck to make its own lineup of devices seem more appealing. GPD's official YouTube channel is accused of using re-uploaded Steam Deck gameplay footage without crediting its original creators, having previously made a number of deprecating statements about Valve's handheld PC.

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According to YouTuber Gaming On Linux, GPD's official YouTube channel is taking other content creators' Steam Deck footage and, without crediting any of them, splicing it up with videos of their own devices in an attempt to draw favorable comparisons and show the Steam Deck in a bad light. As the Steam Deck is coming to more countries later this year and practically acts as a direct competitor to the majority of GPD's handheld PC lineup, the company may be worried about Valve pushing it out of the market.

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GPD's attempts to reuse content creators' footage for its own marketing purposes haven't been unnoticed, however. As GPD used numerous instances of uncredited footage captured by YouTuber PC-Gaming.it, it decided to file an official copyright infringement claim against GPD. With shipments of Steam Deck devices ramping up, GPD may be attempting to downplay the Deck through misappropriation of available gameplay footage.

Notably, GPD has taken issue with Valve's handheld PC for some time now, citing the fact that Steam Deck uses Linux as one of its biggest problems. A few weeks back, one of the major Linux gaming subreddits came across some of GPD's official blog posts, where the company claimed that the Deck couldn't outperform its Win 3 and Win MAX 2021 devices. GPD also exclaimed that Valve wants to create a closed platform where it would be impossible to install other operating systems and/or engage in game piracy.

Historically, GPD's devices have sold for upwards of $1,000, which means the company may be worried about its capacity to compete with Valve's substantially more aggressive pricing model. Many of the company's claims about the Deck have already been disproved, especially now that Steam Deck officially supports Windows 11. Whether GPD stops using other YouTubers' Deck footage for its own purposes, however, remains to be seen.

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