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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin – Every Basic Job, Ranked

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 17:35 PM

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has eight basic jobs, but some are far better equipped for handling the game's early stages than others.

p>Some Final Fantasy fans might doubt Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin's intentions at first, at least until they realize that the Warriors of Light that they’re placed in control of are led by none other than Jack Garland, the original antagonist of the first Final Fantasy game. Aside from the surprising fact that this Final Fantasy title is a new interpretation of the series' first installment, its more action-packed premise is definitely a far cry from the typical tactical approach taken by the series.

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With action in mind, it can be quite surprising to learn that Jack can switch between two assigned Jobs at once, adding a layer of sophistication to his potential playstyles. However, for players new to the game, just which basic Jobs are best used in the first parts of Final Fantasy Origin?

8 Marauder

Brutal to the core, the Marauder relies on its trusty Axes to score the fiercest attacks on enemies. Merciless is their middle name, and the Marauder can execute opponents with just a single blow of their mighty Axes. However, despite their sheer strength, the slow nature of the Marauder can be a hindrance in extended battles.

  • Upheaval (Job Action): This lets the Marauder bring down their Axe for a powerful attack that decreases the damage dealt by enemies.
  • Damage Reduction While Attacking: Passive Abilities of the Marauder allow them to take less damage whenever they attack, encouraging a more aggressive combat approach.
  • Lifesteal: The Command Ability (Blood Weapon) of the Marauder allows them to heal HP based on the damage they deal.

7 Pugilist

With their bodies as their very weapons, the Pugilist is a master of both fancy footwork and powerful punches. Their mastery over the ground allows them to find the quickest path to the enemy and land fierce blows. Players who want pure speed might love the Pugilist for their combos, but their relatively low DPS means players need to invest in the right ones.

  • Explosive Fist (Job Action): This delivers a powerful blow that can become continuous when the Action button is held.
  • Attacks Recover MP: Some Passive Abilities of the Pugilist allow them to recover MP, giving them more access to special attacks.
  • Break Gauge Recovery: The Command Ability (Counter) and some Passive Abilities allow the Pugilist to recover more from the Break Gauge and reduce the costs of attacks.
  • Knockback Specialty: The Combo Abilities of the Pugilist tend to knock back enemies, giving allies the opportunity to attack from range.

6 Swordfighter

Balanced to the very core, the Swordfighter is armed with both a Sword and a Shield to guarantee both offense and defense. With their combat experience, the Swordfighter can adjust to almost any situation, with their Swords offering them enough firepower to eliminate enemies up close while their Shields are potent enough to resist a majority of enemy attacks.

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  • Interception (Job Action): This nullifies blockable attacks and will trigger a counter on the part of the player. The effect of this action usually ends after a single trigger.
  • Damage Reduction, Boost Damage: The Passive Abilities of the Swordfighter let them reduce all damage taken while boosting the overall damage they produce.
  • Potion Recovery Boost: The Potion Recovery Amount Passive allows the Swordfighter to get more HP out of Potions.
  • Shield-fighting, Quick Slashing: The Command Ability (Shield Bash) of the Swordfighter allow them to bash enemies with shields, while their other Combo Abilities give them access to quick slashes.

5 Lancer

Armed with their trusty Lance, the Lancer specializes in reaching opponents from afar with extremely powerful and potent thrusts. Thanks to their training and evolution into the Dragoon, Lancers can reach far away opponents with ease and predict their movements, possibly even skewering them as they try to run away. Their mid-range specialty is perfect for players who want to engage in melee at a safe distance.

  • Lance Hurl (Job Action): This lets the Lancer throw their lance and deal piercing damage to distant enemies.
  • Break Gauge Recovery, Enemy Weakness: Some Passive Abilities of the Lancer not only boost the recovery of the Break Gauge but also boost physical damage to enemies with weaknesses hit.
  • Evasion: The Command Ability (Swayback) of the Lancer allows them to evade via a backstep, giving them more mobility.

4 Duelist

Speed and agility are the main partners of the Duelist, as are their Dual Daggers. As expert close-range combatants, a Duelist relies on overwhelming opponents with sheer speed and mobility, eventually figuring out their weak spots as soon as they leave themselves open. The fast-paced nature of the Duelist is ideal for players who want to explore combos.

  • Weak Spot (Job Action): This allows the Duelist to make a dash-attack that always lands a critical hit regardless of the enemy’s position. The Critical Damage Passive boosts the overall damage of this attack.
  • Extend Evade Invincibility: This allows the Duelist to enjoy longer invincibility whenever they evade attacks.
  • Poison, Secure Distance: Whereas the Command Ability (Poison) of the Pugilist lets them deal damage over time in an area, their Combo Abilities give them the opportunity to quickly dispatch enemies over various distances.

3 Swordsman

Boasting a mastery of the Greatsword, the Swordsman excels in unleashing hell towards enemies through their fierce attacks. They can slash multiple groups of enemies in one blow, and they have a spinning slash that can deal damage to surrounding foes with ease. The heavy damage of the Swordsman makes them ideal for newcomers.

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  • Spinning Slash (Job Action): This slash attack lets the Swordsman spin with their Greatsword in tow. Holding the button slowly increases the speed. This can transition into a charged attack or an enhanced guard depending on the button pressed.
  • Damage Reduction, Boost Slash Damage: The Passive Abilities of the Swordsman can decrease the damage they take and boost the overall slash damage they inflict on enemies.
  • Charge To Cover Distance: The Command Ability (Reinforce) and Combo Abilities of the Swordsman allow them to cover ground through powerful charge attacks.

2 Mage

Skilled enough with magic and a Mace and Shield, the Mage can tap into Black Magic I spells that deal massive damage in the early game. Moreover, they can cast more powerful variants of these spells through focus fire and without expending any more resources. They are easily the most powerful ranged DPS Job in the game, making them ideal for long-ranged combat.

  • Magic (Job Action): When a Mage attacks with a chosen spell, they also recover MP while casting it. Certain Passive Abilities (Concentrate, Normal Attack MP Recovery) can boost the efficiency of this.
  • Elemental Resistances, Weakness Magic Break: The Mage can improve their resistances to certain elements while boosting the chances of dealing magic break damage to opponents.
  • Send Enemies Flying: The Mage’s Command Ability (Ruin) Combo Abilities tend to send enemies flying away, giving them enough distance to start shooting spells again.

1 Ronin

The epitome of calm and collected, the Ronin relies on their combat discipline to gain the upper hand in battles. Their skill with the Katana is unparalleled, allowing them to break the guards of opponents with slashes. Their easy-access toolkit gives players a simpler time breezing through the early game.

  • Iai-Giri (Job Action): This is a fast-paced attack that releases a quick slash while returning the sword to the sheath.
  • Damage Boost, MP Cost Reduction: Whereas their Command Ability (Summon Taichi) boosts overall damage dealt, Passive Abilities of the Ronin also boost the break damage of abilities and reduce their MP cost.
  • Quick Slicing: The Combo Abilities of the Ronin not only give them a lot of directional control, but also allow them to attack extremely quickly.

Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin was released on March 18, 2022, for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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