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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin - Every Weapon Type, Ranked

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin - Every Weapon Type, Ranked Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 17:30 PM

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin offers a lot of variation when it comes to weapon types, but some of them are much better than others.

p>Given the more action-packed nature of Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, it makes sense that the Final Fantasy game pays a lot more attention to how players approach combat than it does hardcore strategy. Set as an alternate take on the first Final Fantasy game, players take the role of the Warriors of Light, specifically Jack Garland, who is obsessed with destroying Chaos.

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With his nature of being able to switch two Jobs at once, players can use multiple weapons in a fast-and-loose setup, being able to fight different kinds of opponents with ease. However, just which weapons are best to use in Final Fantasy Origin, and which might give players more problems than solutions?

8 Mace

Spellcasters don’t often need anything else except their range of offensive spells, but when they’re trapped in a corner, they can readily rely on the Mace to get the job done. Being a one-handed weapon, the Mace does allow players to use an off-hand Shield, contributing to their overall defense.

The magic-reliant nature of spellcasters reflects the fact that Maces don’t generally have high damage numbers, and, instead, seem more akin to a last resort than a main weapon. When it comes to practicality on a DPS level, players may be better off with faster weapons such as Knuckles and Daggers, which they can use by accessing other Jobs such as the Red Mage (Advanced) or Tyrant (Expert).

7 Sword

Perhaps the most standard weapon in the warrior’s arsenal, the Sword is the armament that most Swordfighters learn to wield. When charged, the Sword offers a lunging horizontal slash that works well against multiple opponents, as well as the ability to equip an off-hand Shield to add to defense.

However, the Sword isn’t that reliable in the damage department when compared to its counterparts. The Sword’s attacks might be faster than a Katana, but the Katana has an accessible flurry attack that stacks DPS. Likewise, a Greatsword and an Axe have better access to crowd control abilities. As such, Sword-users may want to get to learn the aforementioned weapon types via Advanced Jobs such as the Knight, Berserker, and Warrior.

6 Daggers

Mainstay weapons of Duelists, Daggers are extremely fast melee weapons that work well when it comes to stringing together combos. Mechanics-wise, Daggers not only get to regenerate MP fast, but also deplete Break Gauges quickly thanks to their sheer speed.

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While Daggers are extremely similar to Knuckles in terms of speed and basic moveset, their key difference lies in how they interact with Job Skills. When doing combos, Daggers can allow players to warp to a certain position, allowing them to move further forward to damage enemies or dodge as soon as they sense a counter or another enemy trying to attack from the flank.

5 Knuckles

Perhaps the go-to weapons of Pugilists, Knuckles specialize in dishing out chains to quickly get back MP and facilitate harsh finishers as they deplete the enemy’s Break Gauge. Their fast combos make them extremely reliable to get back much-needed MP in boss fights and will therefore suit players who want to get up close and personal. At their core, Knuckles can give players the Prowess buff when they attack frequently enough and not take damage, further boosting their attack power.

Compared to the more mobile Daggers, the in-your-face nature of Knuckles make them extremely reliable in short-range incursions, giving players a lot of flexibility with regards to footwork and keeping the attention of enemies. A lot of combos with the Knuckles either launch enemies upwards or knock them down, with the default Sonic Punch allowing players to dash towards an opponent.

4 Lance

Attached closely to Lancers and their evolution, the Dragoon, the Lance is an excellent close-to-mid-range weapon that melee fighters can rely on for extended incursions. Capable of attacking via thrusts and being thrown, the Lance offers the best of both melee and ranged options to Lancers. Moreover, their mid-ranged reach allows them to safely attack enemies from a distance.

Lances also boast a particular degree of flexibility, as pressing certain directions while attacking can give a wide range of effects - such as pierces, strikes, or slashes. Perhaps the only drawback of the Lance is its thrusting mechanics, as its forward attacks sometimes aren’t fast enough to compete with quick-footed enemies that love moving around.

3 Greatsword

Despite their sheer size, the Swordsman and their Greatsword work in tandem to tear down numerous enemies and even their leaders in quick succession. With a horizontal slash being an immediate part of its repertoire, the Greatsword can keep enemies at bay. Meanwhile, a well-timed charge can unleash a devastating strike that can pummel enemies to the ground.

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Even the Greatsword’s default ability allows players to jump towards enemies, adding a nifty mobility component to an otherwise slow weapon. Being the default weapon for the default Job in the game, the Greatsword is a great way to introduce players to most of the game’s combat mechanics - attacking, charging, dodging, and timing attacks.

2 Axe

Fitting the brutal Marauder, the Axe is just as large as the Greatsword but much slower on the uptake. While their usual combos are much slower, getting hits with the Axe can deal a lot of damage. Given their slow nature, Axes work best against bosses that players need to dodge all the time anyway, as scoring that hit in limited openings can deal a lot of damage compared to quicker weapons.

However, even the slow nature of the Axe works to the player’s advantage, as charging the weapon won’t be interrupted by attacks except for status ailments. A lot of Axe combos deal devastatingly high damage numbers too, with some being able to knock back enemies to leave them open for more brutal attacks.

1 Katana

The ever-reliable companion of the Ronin, the Katana is perhaps the king of speed when it comes to bladed weapons. While not as mobile as Daggers, the combination of speed and reach make the Katana much more versatile than the Sword. Moreover, the ability of the Katana to facilitate flurries of slashes makes it a great finisher against stunned opponents. The sheer combo potential of the Katana makes it the best DPS weapon in the game.

Most combos from the Katana focus on either launching enemies upwards or knocking them down to leave them open for more attacks. Likewise, their other combos can deal massive damage, with the basic Jinpu lunging forward and able to attack multiple opponents at once.

Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin was released on March 18, 2022, for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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