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Tales Of The Walking Dead Casts Mindhunter Star Lauren Glazier

Tales Of The Walking Dead Casts Mindhunter Star Lauren Glazier Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 19:05 PM

The Walking Dead's new anthology series has added another heavy hitter to its cast of stars, this time with Mindhunter's Lauren Glazier.

p>If there's one franchise that people immediately think of when they hear the word "spinoff," it's probably not The Walking Dead. Starting out as a humble zombie show based on a humble zombie comic, it's almost heartwarming to see what's become of the little gore fest that couldn't stop. From surprisingly good video games to... other video games, and finally to a growing number of branching series, it seems as though these walkers still have a lot of shambling ahead of them.

In fact, the (relatively) recently-announced Tales of the Walking Dead anthology series has just picked up steam by adding another big name to its growing roster of talent. Lauren Glazier, whom many likely know as Kay Manz in the Netflix mystery crime drama Mindhunters, is the latest to join the upcoming show's cast. With a focus on telling new stories with new and returning characters, Tales of the Walking Dead looks like it will offer some fresh new takes on the well-established universe of The Walking Dead.

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Deadline reports that Glazier will appear in an episode featuring Samantha Morton's fan-favorite character Alpha. She isn't the only returning character, though unlike Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, she unfortunately doesn't seem to be getting her own series. But Morton and Glazier are still in pretty darn good company. One such personality is Cowboy Bebop star Daniella Pineda, who will hopefully bless the series with a nice long legacy that her previous show was robbed of (nope, no bitterness here).

Tales of the Walking Dead has already announced several other cast members, including Olivia Munn, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's Danny Ramirez, and The Boys' Jessie Usher. The folks behind this anthology series clearly don't want to pull any punches based on this cast. One wouldn't think a series about a zombie apocalypse (but don't call them zombies) could have this much staying power. But considering the inclusion of other big-time newcomers to Tales like Terry Crews and Bridesmaids star Jullian Bell, it's got a surprising amount of momentum considering how many people die each season.

The Walking Dead itself, which is currently nearing the end of its 11th and final season, has earned plenty of fans over the years. As divisive as it can be among viewers, it's definitely built up an impressive legacy steeped in drama and a shocking number of surprise character deaths. Then there's the comforting presence of Norman Reedus, that one constant that everybody needs in their life. So it's not difficult to see why it's still got so much steam even as the original series winds down.

Some might see the spinoffs as just a step into overkill territory. But with the focus on new stories, maybe this is a great opportunity for those who have avoided The Walking Dead all these years to finally jump in. There's never a bad time for zombies, depending on who's being asked. At least the zombies would probably agree.

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Source: Deadline

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