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Test Shows Intel Arc GPU Falls Short of Nvidia GTX 1650

Test Shows Intel Arc GPU Falls Short of Nvidia GTX 1650 Image
  • Posted on 09th Apr, 2022 00:10 AM

Intel recently launched its mobile Arc GPUs after a lot of anticipation, but despite it hoping to make an impact, it may not be as good as its rivals.

p>With Intel having just launched its own range of graphics cards, in this case the laptop variant of its Arc range, the GPU market is getting more intense as an additional third party vies for customer attention. Along with AMD due launching refresh cards from its RX 6000 series, and Nvidia releasing the underwhelming RTX 3090 Ti, "team blue" has a fight on its hands. While there's still more products to come, some have been getting to grips with the maiden Arc hardware, and it seems as though it may be lacking somewhat.

In a recent benchmark test over on the Benchmark Lab YouTube channel, the Intel Arc A370M has been put through its paces, being pitted against the GTX 1650 Mobile which came out in 2019. Running both through a series of games, many of them modern releases, it clearly shows that the Arc mobile GPU is not quite able to match the performance of its Nvidia counterpart. In most of the tests, the A370M is lagging behind in terms of frame rate when compared to the three-year-old GTX.

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In games like Cyberpunk 2077, it struggled to go over 30 fps on low settings, while the 1650 managed to peak at 40 fps. In Red Dead Redemption 2, a similar result can be seen, with Intel's hardware struggling to get to the mid-50s, sometimes dipping to 48 fps, while Nvidia's mobile GPU was able to get to 60. The only game where the Arc seemed to do better was in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is still considered one of the best multiplayer FPS games for newcomers, reaching peaks of nearly 550 fps.

Given that the Intel Arc was supposed to be a GTX 1650 beater not that long ago, the results from this particular test seems to show that it's not quite able to match it, let alone outperform it. Of course, this is just one test and it's entirely possible that the company could offer up some improvements, such as updated drivers.

Alongside this, the tech giant's XeSS upscaling algorithm is being held back a bit, seemingly waiting for the launch of the desktop Arc cards this summer. In general, Benchmark Lab's test could be disappointing for those who have been waiting for the new Intel hardware to drop. Hopefully, the more high-end products that are coming will make more of an impact, which may be able to give Nvidia and AMD a run for their money.

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Source: Benchmark Lab (YouTube)

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