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The 6 Most Iconic Fictional Bands In Anime

The 6 Most Iconic Fictional Bands In Anime Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 23:15 PM

These fantastic fictional anime bands transcend both the 2D and 3D worlds.

p>The music genre in anime has an illustrious history dating back to the mid-1970s when theme songs became popular with the public. Then, with the debut of Macross in 1982, the series helped the genre to become one of the cornerstones of anime. Although not as popular as other genres such as action or slice-of-life, it still holds above its weight.

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Despite idols taking the forefront of the musical landscape due to Aikatsu! Or THE [email protected], bands in anime have also left their mark. Whether they were integral or just a subplot, these are just some of the fantastic fictional anime bands that continue to spark conversation.

6 Ho-kago Tea Time (K-On!)

One of the more well-known fictional bands in anime, Ho-Kago Tea Time from the show K-On! captured the hearts of many in the early 2010s with their charms and catchy songs. Ho-Kago Team Time was set up by four students from Sakuragaoka High School’s Light Music Club. The club was also responsible for a speed metal band, Death Devil a few years back.

Unlike Death Devil, Ho-Kago Tea Time focuses on a more approachable blend of pop and rock. Some of their songs, Fuwa Fuwa Time and Don’t Say “lazy” have since appeared in other media like the BanG Dream mobile game. The band has also inspired a real-life counterpart with the same name.

5 Carole & Tuesday (Carole & Tuesday)

From the mind of Shinichiro Watanabe, who is perhaps best known for his previous works of Cowboy Bebop and Macross Plus, comes Carole & Tuesday. It is an anime set on Mars featuring two teenagers (Carole and Tuesday) who wants to make a change in the Martian landscape through their music.

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While the other artists featured in the show may have more aura or talent around them, Carole and Tuesday have a broader appeal thanks to their relatable songs. The success of the show and the group itself led to music videos and concerts featuring Carole and Tuesday’s vocal actresses. The show may not continue on, but the duo will always remain in the minds of many.

4 Kitauji High School Concert Band (Sound! Euphonium)

Kitauji High School Concert Band is from the manga, novel, and anime Sound! Euphonium. Unlike the others, this ensemble features more of a classic music flair. Instruments such as the euphonium, saxophone, trumpet, and flutes are prominent.

The anime is centered around Kumiko Oumae as she strives to become a better musician. The popularity resulted in a concert being held in Shinjuku City (Tokyo), where AKIBA WINDS performed selected songs from the band.

3 Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad (Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad)

BECK, later known as Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, is a band from the anime and manga of the same name. The anime focuses on Yukio Tanka and his fellow bandmates as they struggle to make it big in the music world. Despite showing the stereotypical life of an up-and-coming rock band, it does so in a heartwarming and relatable way.

The band itself borrows inspiration from both American and Japanese rock which helps to give its music a somewhat unique sound. A good amount of their songs are in English too, and the lyrics contain a lot of coming-of-age material that perfectly encapsulate what Yukio is going through.

2 Trapnest (Nana)

Trapnest is another pop-rock band, this time from the popular anime and Manga, Nana. They are considered one of the rival groups to punk-rock group the Black Stones (also known as Blast), who is the main band featured in the series' story.

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Led by bassist Takumi Ichinose with Reira as the lead vocalist, their songs feature both Japanese and English lyrics. The songs are pop in nature, but they borrow elements from ambient and trip-hop, creating a unique blend that rarely appears in the anison (anime music) scene. Two of Trapnest’s songs, Wish and Starless Nights, have even charted on Japan’s Oricon Singles list.

1 Fire Bomber (Macross 7)

Like the majority of its Macross counterparts, music is one of the main instruments in defeating the enemy. Fire Bomber is a rock group from Macross 7 that uses their songs to help defeat an ancient group of aliens called the Protodeviln.

Their songs continue to hold relevance in the Macross universe, with some of them covered in the 2008 sequel, Macross Frontier. In Macross Delta, one of the members of Walkure lists Fire Bomber as one of her influences. Despite the show being more than 25-years-old, their concerts are still being held, as recently as January 2022.

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