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The Batman: 6 Things That Make No Sense In The Movie

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  • Posted on 01st Oct, 2022 08:26 AM

The latest Batman film has been a smash hit, but there are a few strange plot details and inconsistencies that don't add up.

p>Matt Reeves' new adaptation of the classic comic book hero, The Batman, unsurprisingly had the best opening weekend of 2022 thus far. There are plenty of opinions flying around about the grim cinematic film, surrounding things such as Batman's new persona, Gotham's dark portrayal, and the frightening intensity of The Riddler.

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Though The Batman got many incredible reviews and blew people's expectations out of the water, there are a few questions viewers have about the superhero action movie. From the overwhelming lack of lighting to the questionable lives of the main characters, these are the biggest plot points and details that make absolutely no sense in The Batman.

6/6 Does Gotham Have Any Electricity?

It is well known that the cinematographer wanted the city of Gotham to be portrayed as much scarier and darker than its previous depictions. Viewers are also informed that the Batman works throughout the night, so naturally there's a lack of sunlight in the film. However, there are many instances where electricity should be present. Why were only half of the lights on in every scene at the police station? Wouldn't the police need lighting in their own building?

Speaking of the police, why didn't they turn any lights on at any of the crime scenes? They used tiny flashlights to inspect evidence when the whole house had electricity. When the DA sneaks into his car after the club, the car lights that turn on when a door is opened... don't. Alfred casually reads the mail with all the lights off. No rooms in any of the buildings that the characters entered had their lights on. Is there a power shortage in Gotham?

5/6 Catwoman Moved On Too Quickly

Zoë Kravitz confirmed that she sees her character in The Batman as bisexual, having been in a relationship with her roommate and fellow nightclub worker Anika. Confirming this, she refers to Anika as "baby" in their shared one-bedroom apartment. When she finds out her partner has been killed, she turns to Batman to help her. They begin working together, and fairly soon, Catwoman plants her first kiss on Mr. Vengeance.

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Everyone copes with their loss in different ways, but kissing a masked vigilante multiple times while pursuing the killer of one's murdered girlfriend seems a bit emotionally complicated. Kravitz's Catwoman was definitely going through some trauma in this film, which makes a fair excuse for wanting to smooch the bat so shortly after the murder of her poor girlfriend. Still, it is little weird.

4/6 Bruce Wayne's Motives

This Batman movie doesn't show who is creating the incredible tech behind Batman's gear, but as Bruce Wayne is a multi-billionaire, fans can assume he has someone producing unfathomable weaponry with his endless flow of cash. All the money going into his fancy Batmobile, high-tech suit, and replenishable weapons could easily be going towards supporting the struggling people of Gotham.

Since Batman's motive is supposedly to help his city, Bruce could use his wealth to save those hurting on the streets. When it is revealed that the local orphanage was shut down after lack of funding, and when the future Mayor begs for his cooperation and donations to city projects helping relieve poverty and crime, it's clear that Bruce has been trying to make the wrong kind of difference. Rather than beating criminals and thieves to a pulp, he should be putting his wealth into getting people off the streets and funding those poor orphans. The best way to reduce crime is to stop people from turning to crime in the first place.

3/6 That Whole Funeral Scene

There's a lot to say about this scene. The Riddler set up this dangerous sequence of his plan to lure in the Batman before he kills the DA. The DA, in the seat of his car, crashes through the building and leaves everyone in a panic. Yet none of the terrified bystanders attempt to exit the building until the cops demand them to. The DA has a smartphone taped to his hand where The Riddler is calling and waiting for the Batman to answer. In the next shot, it's nighttime and Wayne as Batman appears, and the phone is still ringing.

Was The Riddler really calling over and over for the hours it took Batty to turn up? That's a lot of calling. Once Bruce answers the FaceTime call, the reflection of The Riddler's screen in his glasses doesn't match up with what is seen on Batman's phone screen. With a budget of nearly $200 million, the editing team could have at least accurately matched the two phone videos. Lastly, the bomb explodes in Batman's face just before his arm can cover it, yet he endures no physical damage aside from getting knocked out.

2/6 Where Does Bruce Stash His Suit?

Bruce Wayne must have a secret behind his ability to store his bat suit in a small backpack without needing more space. Unlike other popular superheroes who wear tight, springy spandex that can be hidden under their clothes, Batman's suit is hefty and definitely can't be tucked into a small bag.

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When Bruce notices crime occurring and needs a quick change, he magically puts on his whole bulky suit, cape and all, without revealing where he pulled it from or how he put it on so fast. As far as viewers know, Tony Stark's nanotechnology isn't available in the DC universe, so that bullet-proof costume had to have been stashed somewhere.

1/6 Batman's Secret Identity

At the climax of the film, The Riddler reveals that he knows Batman's true identity. He says Bruce's name over and over from across the jail room's glass, and Bruce even glances up at the security camera surveilling. Someone must be on the other side hearing The Riddler call Batman "Bruce Wayne." Even though Batman doesn't confirm anything, he also doesn't deny it. If a good police officer heard a dangerously intellectual criminal explain his theory behind Bruce being Batman, wouldn't they investigate that claim? And if there were no cops watching the two during the interrogation, that is a very bad police station.

Then again, these police apparently don't know how to turn their own lights on, so it's not thatfarfetched that they would forget to watch the cameras covering the biggest terrorist Gotham has seen so far. Besides the cops possibly knowing the truth, did The Riddler tell his 500 followers about Batman's real identity? If so, that would mean more terrorists who could potentially spread the rumor or target Bruce in the future.

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