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The Boys: 10 Things Only Comic Readers Know About Billy Butcher

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  • Posted on 04th Jun, 2022 14:30 PM

Karl Urban's Billy Butcher in Amazon Prime Video's The Boys is not exactly the same as his comic counterpart.

p>The Boys mainly focuses on the relationship between Hughie Campbell and Billy Butcher. After Hughie’s girlfriend is killed by A-Train, a superhero, Hughie is recruited by Butcher to join The Boys, and enact revenge on the Supes that go too far or have wronged them.

Throughout the comic’s run, Garth Ennis and co-creator Darick Robertson created a compelling and mysterious character with Billy Butcher. The character had his vendetta against Supes and his plan for every single one of them. It will be interesting to see where Amazon Prime Video’s live-action The Boys takes Billy Butcher and co.

Spoiler warning for Amazon Prime Video's The Boys, including Season 3, and the comics.

10 The Clean-Shaven Brit

Fans of the TV show from Amazon Prime Video might immediately notice the difference between Billy Butcher from the comic and the version played by Karl Urban. Whereas Karl Urban’s Butcher has messy, styled hair, and a beard, Butcher from the comics is entirely clean-shaven, with short hair. Butcher’s lack of beard makes his sadistic smile even more present during his battles with Supes.

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Butcher’s clothing is a lot more fixed in the comics, in which characters wear the same outfit and costume every single day, almost like it’s a superhero costume to wear a black jacket and t-shirt. Butcher in the show has a more varied wardrobe.

9 Discharged From The Royal Marines

Much of Butcher’s private life and backstory was kept a mystery, even with the conclusion of The Boys comic. Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson reunited in 2011 to shed some light on this area story in The Boys: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker. This mature reading is the origin many fans wanted to see from the violent Brit.

Butcher was a part of the Royal Marines and was discharged after multiple bar fights with fellow Marines. His violent outbursts were his own doing, and despite the fact Billy was respected as a Marine, with even the colonel offering to speak at his court-martial, Butcher rejected him and put this life behind him.

8 Billy The Supe

Amazon Prime Video’s third season of The Boys will feature Billy Butcher taking some form of Compound V to battle Supes hand-to-hand. This is something that the comics did from its inception, as Billy had taken Compound V in the form of an injection to have immense power.

This power lets the user withstand great falls, punches, and kicks. When Hughie was given Compound V, he killed his first Supe by punching him through the stomach, entirely by accident. This shows how much strength The Boys have, and how controlled Billy is with his rage to not become like the Vought Supes.

7 Friends With Love Sausage

A fan-favorite character who makes a few important appearances in The Boys is the Russian Supe, The Love Sausage. The name itself is innuendo that alludes to his power, and just why he is called such a thing. The Love Sausage is notable for his weight and the intimidating and comedic size of his sexual organ. Love Sausage would be a greatly feared character in Herogasm.

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This ex-Supe runs a bar in Moscow and is famed for his favorite alcohol beverage: brake fluid. Love Sausage’s Kryptonite is that he cannot run straight while he is aroused, which fits perfectly in the bizarre world of The Boys. He is on good terms with The Boys, and they actively work together to stop some Supes.

6 Meeting Becky Butcher

Fans of The Boys, in both mediums of comic and TV, should know how important Becky Butcher is to Billy. As the love of his life, she meant the world to him. Becky was one of the few things to humanize Butcher.

Becky and Billy first met on the subway, where Billy was sitting next to her beaten and bloodied. Becky found his state amusing and said he looked like a panda with his black eyes. It was love at first sight, and Billy laughed at her jokes and listened to her. As they got to know each other in a bar, Billy got up to get into a bar fight, but Becky’s gentle touch on his hand calmed him.

5 Terror, The Teammate

Terror has made a few appearances in the Amazon Prime Video show, but not as often as he appears in the comic. Butcher’s beloved bulldog is unlike other dogs. Whereas other dogs are taught tricks like “sit” and “roll over”, Terror is taught a rather vulgar command, to which he will respond by attacking whatever it is he has been told to.

Terror is regarded as one of The Boys, rather than just Butcher’s pet. He has faced off against a few Supes and is greatly cared for by Butcher to the point where if anyone harms or threatens harm to Terror, Billy will see red, and his adversary will see pain and fear.

4 Killed Homelander’s Child

Butcher’s life became even more tragic than what it already was when he returned to London. His wife, Becky, seemed distant and always turned away from him. He couldn’t understand what he had done wrong until three months passed, and he was awoken by Becky’s dead body as a super-powered fetus cut its way out of her.

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Billy immediately sprung to life and killed the newborn with his hands and a desk lamp. He had been shot with heat vision, and judging by the infant’s strength, Butcher knew that only one man could have done this to his Becky: Homelander, this world's version of an evil Superman.

3 Veteran Of The Falklands War

As part of the Royal Marines, he was present during the time of the Falklands War. In 1982, Butcher was a participant in the war and got his first taste of the thrill of killing during the battle on Mount Kent. This war was the very event that proved to Billy just how much of a necessary evil he could be if the world needed it.

After his entire platoon was killed, Butcher was left alone, and it was up to him to enact revenge for his fallen brothers-in-arms. Butcher managed to wipe out an entire unit in a small foxhole and killed every one of the Argentinian troops.

2 Billy The Villain

After what many fans of the comic believed to be the climax, and Homelander’s reign ended with his coup of idiotic heroes failing, things seemed to be alright in the world. The Boys had accomplished what they thought they had set out to do, but it could not be so simple.

Butcher soon began his master plan to eradicate anyone with Compound V in their blood. This included the millions of innocents who just had it based on what they ate and not their powers. Butcher’s plan was his final one and would be his last act after killing his closest friends and allies.

1 Died Saving Hughie

Although Butcher became the villain of the story, his complicated relationship with Hughie had a beautiful conclusion. Hughie confronts Butcher at the Empire State Building, and in anger, attempts to tackle Butcher but falls through the glass to his death. Except, Butcher catches him, and they fall together.

Butcher and Hughie have a heart-to-heart, where they talk for hours about why the former did what he did. Billy even gives loving advice to Hughie for his life with Starlight. The fall broke Butcher’s neck, and he asks Hughie to kill him so he doesn’t spend his life paralyzed from the neck down and in prison. Hughie refuses but does it after rage takes over as Butcher taunts him about killing his parents. Something Butcher said to get this reaction, with his parents still fine and well.

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