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The Last of Us 2 Fan Makes Abby in WWE 2K22

The Last of Us 2 Fan Makes Abby in WWE 2K22 Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 19:10 PM

The character creator in WWE 2K22 is allowing users to make all kinds of interesting creations including the infamous Abby from The Last Of Us 2.

p>Now that WWE 2K22 is out for everyone to play, users are noticing one of the better features of the game is the character creator they can use to make their own professional wrestlers. Now, one WWE 2K22 user has delved into the character creator to make Abby from The Last of Us 2.

For those who have yet to play TLOU2, Abby is a new character introduced in the second game in The Last of Us franchise who is both a protagonist and an antagonist, depending on the player's point of view and where they are in the story. One of the more memorable characteristics of the character is that she has clearly done quite a bit of weight lifting in order to help her survive in the game's post-apocalyptic world. It turns out that her build is a perfect fit for WWE 2K22.

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Reddit user sebastiene_art took to the social media site to show off their version of Abby in a couple of screenshots. The first is a bit farther away and shows her entrance into WWE 2K22. The second shot is a bit closer up so that users can see the detail that's included in her face, hair, and stocking hat.

The user put quite a bit of detail into the WWE 2K22 character creator version of Abby as she looks like she's stepped out of the world of The Last of Us 2 and right into the ring. She's sporting a bandage on one arm to really sell the idea that she's been in some serious scrapes before taking on the biggest stars in wrestling.

Several other Reddit users were quick to praise sebastiene_art for the work they did on their version of Abby. Some simply said the creation was incredible while others had jokes about what her role in WWE 2K22 would be.

It seems that in this era of video games, one of the key components that developers are looking to add is a deep and immersive character creator. Certainly, that's been the case with games like Elden Ring, though FromSoftware games have long offered quite a bit of customization options. The desire for players to really make a character their own seems to have even pushed companies like Gearbox to offer more in the character creator in its Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. WWE 2K22 appears up to the task as well.

WWE 2K22 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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