The Last of Us Factions Should Feature Seasonal Events

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 19:45 PM

While it is unclear how Naughty will approach post-launch support for The Last of Us Factions, some special events are a must.

p>The Last of Us Factions is currently a mystery, with gamers still having little to go off regarding the standalone multiplayer title. While Ellie armor has leaked, and the gameplay is expected to resemble the original Factions to some extent, everything else being said about the game is essentially just speculation.

Still, while little is known about The Last of Us Factions in an official capacity, it is still fun to speculate about the multiplayer game and the features it could include. Though a hypothetical battle royale mode and an evolution of the original Factions meta game are talked about quite often, the game’s approach to post-launch updates is rarely theorized about. While it remains to be seen how Naughty Dog will handle updates for its game, one thing it should absolutely take from other titles is seasonal events.

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The Potential for Events in The Last of Us Factions

Seemingly every big multiplayer title features events nowadays. Whether they are one-off events like Fortnite’s Marvel finale and Call of Duty: Warzone’s Last Hours of Verdansk, or recurring events like Overwatch’s anniversaries, games as a service titles thrive by giving fans a reason to log back in. These special attractions are crucial to shaking up the game, as they provide new ways to play and fresh cosmetics to unlock - something that would surely benefit The Last of Us Factions.

For starters, The Last of Us Factions could feature cosmetic-filled events focused on the holidays. Pink outfits and customization items could be unlockable during Valentine’s Day, while some spooky masks and armor sets could be acquired around Halloween. A Christmas event could feature a snowball-focused game mode that makes use of the mechanics seen at the start of The Last of Us 2 when Ellie and Dina play with some kids from Jackson.

However, some more specific events could be featured within The Last of Us Factions as well. One excellent option would see Naughty Dog holding an Outbreak event within the game. It could start on Outbreak Day, going on for several weeks, and all cosmetic unlocks could focus on providing Cordyceps-covered gear. Gameplay-wise, the event could see Clickers, Bloaters, and other infected enemies added to the game’s maps, making players deal with a PvE threat in addition to other players for a limited time.

Launch party events are another clear example, with the perfect opportunity presenting itself through The Last of Us HBO series. Shortly before or after the show releases, Naughty Dog could add cosmetic items inspired by the TV series to its multiplayer game. It would be great to see similar launch events held for PlayStation exclusive games, too. When a new Marvel’s Spider-Man, God of War, or Ghost of Tsushima game releases, Naughty Dog could add some cosmetics inspired by those games to The Last of Us Factions. These could be unlocked through challenges that are based on the gameplay of those titles, asking players to get stealth kills for a Jin Sakai item or melee kills for a Spidey cosmetic.

The sky is the limit for special events within The Last of Us Factions, and with so many standout multiplayer events taking place every year, there is no shortage of inspiration for Naughty Dog. While new maps, weapons, and game modes is one way to ensure that a live service title continues thriving, events are another route to take. For The Last of Us Factions, events could prove just as exciting as other content drops if Naughty og strives to make them unique and memorable.

The Last of Us Factions is currently in development.

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