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The Lost City: 8 Funniest Moments In The Movie

The Lost City: 8 Funniest Moments In The Movie Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 14:45 PM

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum star in The Lost City, an adventure film with a lot of hilarious moments.

p>The Lost City might be one of the biggest surprise hits of 2022. First, there was Uncharted in February and now this. What's next? The reviews for The Lost City have been mostly good, although comedy can be a subjective matter. What works for some movie fans may not work for everyone.

Some may decide to ignore The Lost City because they perceive it to be more of a romance than it actually is. Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum do have great chemistry with some touching moments, but this is a pure adventure movie through and through. Let's go through some of the funniest moments in The Lost City, with full spoilers attached.

Spoiler warning!

8 Alan’s Reveal

If no one paid attention to the trailers before seeing The Lost City then they may expect Channing Tatum to come out, looking like his usual self. Alan, his character, eventually looks like the standard Tatum, but his reveal is nothing short of glorious.

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At Loretta's book signing tour, Alan comes out on stage to Europe's “The Final Countdown.” His hair is hilariously long, and he is dressed like a magician from the 1980s, which fits the song since it is nowadays associated with Arrested Development thanks to Gob.

7 Abigail’s Cheese Display

Abigail, played by Daniel Radcliffe, kidnaps Loretta so that she can translate a fragment of a piece of cloth he found. Abigail’s goal is to find an ancient crown that Loretta’s husband was trying to uncover before this untimely death. He could have just asked Loretta to swing by his estate but he instead planned an elaborate kidnap situation. What’s even funnier is that he presents a giant array of cheese for her to snack on presumably while she works.

6 Jack Trainer’s Compound Entrance

Brad Pitt is one of a classic Hollywood star of the modern age. He is not the leading man in as many movies as he once used to be, but every time he makes an appearance, it is worth a watch. His role as Jack Trainer in The Lost City is short but phenomenal.

His entrance into Abigail’s compound, wherein he jumps a fence too tall for any man to climb in a single bound, was impressive enough. Jack then lands on an enemy guard and takes him out with a quick mount. It, and the entire action sequence that follows, is equal parts badass and hilarious.

5 Loretta’s Chair Antics

Jack Trainer’s compound storming results in Loretta getting rescued. Once he and Alan find her, there is a fun quick back and forth between all three characters before the guards start to surround them. At that time Jack could have untied her from the chair but he doesn’t.

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Sandra Bullock’s antics in this chair as she is being driven away in a wheelbarrow is a standout moment in The Lost City, and it continues into a few scenes afterward. Yes, they could have easily released her restraints from the chair in a matter of seconds, but where would the fun be in simplicity?

4 Jack Trainer’s Death

A movie that has a seemingly infallible badass hero as a side character usually means one of two things: either this character is going to die at some point in the film and pass the torch to a new hero or they will be captured thus rendering his badassery useless.

Well, The Lost City decided to go with the first scenario because Jack is shot once the trio makes it back to his car. The following scene wherein Alan is wiping brains from his mouth is both disgusting and funny.

3 Alan’s Leech Problem

Alan is trying his hardest to be as cool as either Jack or his book character, Dash. Unfortunately, the world just keeps knocking him down. First with Jack's brain in his mouth, and then with the leeches on his back. These things look like they crawled out of Resident Evil 0.

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For those that have never played that game, instead of zombies, giant leeches start infecting people. It was an odd turn for the series. The Lost City’s leeches aren’t that horrific. They at least lead to a fun scenario wherein Loretta has to pick them off Alan’s butt.

2 Killing The Bike Guys

Alan and Loretta don’t get to take out that many villains in the story. Channing Tatum may be an action star in some of his films but that has never really been a part of Sandra Bullock’s bag. Still, there are a few moments in The Lost City where they get to act like a bunch of Jack Trainers.

One of them involves the two of them ripping off parts of Loretta’s dress to make a distraction for two guards following them on dirt bikes. This trap inadvertently leads to the enemies' deaths. The heroes are not exactly thrilled with the idea of murder, which makes the whole thing more amusing.

1 Julian’s Death

Abigail has two main henchmen in the movie: Julian and Rafi. Julian is the huge dude with the mustache while Rafi is the local and seemingly smarter of the two. Julian is shown to be a bit full of himself in The Lost City.

When they are about to discover the hidden temple, he tells Alan and Loretta to watch their step since they are sliding past a thin cliff’s edge. Immediately after that Julian falls to his death. That’s where confidence gets a villain in an adventure movie like this: a well-deserved death.

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