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The Most Iconic Tomboys In Action Games, Ranked

The Most Iconic Tomboys In Action Games, Ranked Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 18:36 PM

Tomboys are a popular character archetype, especially in action games, due to their kick-butt and stoic nature.

p>There are a plethora of character archetypes throughout all gaming that fans love to see make an appearance, especially in their favorite franchise or a new title. Some of the best character tropes can make or break a game if not handled correctly, but from the rebel with a cause, the outcast searching for redemption, and the child hero, each has a recognizable fan base that files behind them in support.

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Another popular archetype in gaming is the tomboy, a popular trope that stands out in most action games with their determination and style. There are many iterations of this archetype that leave a kick-butt impression charging the bull head-on or never running from a fight because of the possibility of getting hurt. Here are some of the best tomboys across action games.

8 Lightning: Final Fantasy 13

Lighting is one of the several main protagonists from Final Fantasy XIII. She arrived on the scene with a large boom of popularity thanks to her sleek design, flashy combat, and unique weapon. When Final Fantasy XII was announced, fans all over the world rejoiced an instantly fawned over the new heroin from the start.

Lightning embodies the tomboy archetype in personality and appearance from top to bottom, with a tactical and combat-ready design sporting boots, various pads, and armor pieces matched with her cold and aggressive soldier-like personality. Lighting stood as the unwavering soldier who preferred to get the job done herself, which carried over both iterations of the Final Fantasy XIII story.

7 Brigitte: Overwatch

Brigitte made her appearance in the latter half of Overwatch; her reveal was met with a fair amount of popularity, complementing her design and story. Brigitte is a stout and robust warrior in the game, dawning custom full plate armor modeled after her mentor, Reinhardt, that is equipped with a shield and a battle mace.

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Being the daughter of Torbjorn, inheriting his skill with mechanical engineering and pairing it with her own brilliance to be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Brigitte prides herself on being the shield that protects those who can not defend themselves and carries Reinhartd’s courage into any fight.

6 Jack: Mass Effect

Jack made her first appearance in Mass Effect 2, found imprisoned in cryosleep. Jack was a ball of fire, to say the least, being one of the few and most dangerous Biotic lifeforms in Mass Effect's universe.

Jack was the product of a tragic accident, abduction, and experimentation until she is found by Shepard; her past has turned her into a self-reliant, distrustful, somewhat volatile individual but has made her strong and dedicated. She’s rash and quick to lose her temper, willing to kick down the door before knowing what's on the other side in true tomboy fashion.

5 Lady: Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry is no stranger to kick-butt characters that shake up the norm, female or otherwise. Perhaps one of the most notable is Lady, who first appeared in Devil May Cry 3, being at odds with Donte, the series' main protagonist. Lady has been a critical member of Donte’s team ever since, more than proving herself capable of sending demons back to hell.

Lady’s design is as iconic as her fighting skills having several designs in the different iterations of Devil May Cry. Most notably, Lady's eyes being two different colors, her short pixie cut black hair and covered head to toe in ammo and high caliber weapons make her stand out amongst the tomboy crowd.

4 Laura Croft: Tomb Raider

Laura Croft has been an icon among female video game characters since 1996 when she appeared in her first video game, Tomb Raider. Since, Laura Croft has shown up in a wide range of media, such as several sequels and reboots to her own game, a multi-film franchise, and crossovers with other intellectual properties such as Fortnite.

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Laura Croft is an adventuring archeologist who spends her days traveling across the earth, exploring forgotten wonders and delving through lost crypts in search of mystery, glory, and treasure. Her design has changed over the years, but no matter the iteration, she is always a hands-on, boots-on-the-ground type that knows no fear and is prepared for everything.

3 Zelda: Legend Of Zelda

Legend of Zelda is one of the most famous video games of all time; Zelda debuted in the franchise alongside Link as the main protagonist. Both characters stand at the top of the paradigm, being two of the most popular RPG characters ever.

Over the decades, Zelda’s role has evolved and grown from reverent queen to hands-on adventurer that joins Link on his many adventures and even has some of her own throughout the library of games Legend of Zelda has spawned. Having appeared in over forty video games, Zelda has been Damsel, savior, princess, queen, rogue, thief, and warrior, coming full circle and cementing herself as more than just a quest giver.

2 Claire Redfield: Resident Evil 2

Claire Redfield has been at the forefront of videogame tomboys since she first appeared in Resident Evil 2. Not many characters can contend with surviving a zombie apocalypse by themselves with nothing but a few shotgun shells.

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Claire Redfield has waged war against the massive conglomerate Umbrella Corporation by herself and seeks to tear it down, making the people responsible for the catastrophic state of the world pay for what they've done. Claire puts on her cowgirl boots one at a time on her way to stomp zombies into dust and march for human life.

1 Tifa Lockhart: Final Fantasy 7


Not many action games make it to the level of fandom as Final Fantasy VII, perhaps the most popular of all Final Fantasy games. While the main character, Cloud, holds a fair amount of weight in gaming culture popularity, he plays second fiddle to Tifa Lockhart.

The rambunctious brawler with a heart of gold rises to the top of tomboys everywhere, able to bring gigantic mechs, stout soldiers, and even stoic mercenaries down to size. Tifa’s appearance had been tweaked, but perfection rarely needs a redesign; her skirt and T-shirt combo matched with a pair of steel knuckle gloves is the perfect companion to the bright and focused attitude Tifa portrays.

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