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The Next Batman Arkham Game Needs to Go Behind the Mask

The Next Batman Arkham Game Needs to Go Behind the Mask Image
  • Posted on 12th Nov, 2022 06:20 AM

One rarely touched upon in the Batman Arkham games is the other side of Batman, so here's how Bruce Wayne could be more involved in the next game.

p>The Batman: Arkham game series or as fans have dubbed it, the Arkhamverse, hasn't received a new mainline title to the series since 2015 with Batman: Arkham Knight. While the wait for the next Batman title's release may be a long one, fans are free to speculate what may be upcoming in the series' future.

During this wait, Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within was released and it showed players more of Batman's secret identity, Bruce Wayne. Playing as Bruce had players change how the Joker would develop as a villain as well as had players balance the rich playboy person between the Batman persona, trying to keep both as separate as possible. With this experience in mind, many players have show an interest in playing more of Bruce Wayne in the upcoming and unnamed next Arkham game.

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With the ending of Batman: Arkham Knight, the caped crusader's fate in the Arkhamverse currently unknown. While it is possible that Bruce Wayne did kill himself via the explosion in Wayne Manor, its very unlikely that he would take Alfred with him as well. It seems far more likely that the explosion was a way for Bruce to fake his and Alfred's deaths to prevent enemies of Bruce's Batman persona from harming either of them.

With the identity of Batman being released to the public in the Batman: Arkham games and the possible faking of Bruce Wayne's death, where can the series go? There are many possibilities despite what some players may initially think. Whether it does continue the storyline or as a reboot, Bruce should play a bigger role similar to that of his caped counterpart.

Bruce Continuing as Batman

As what can be seen in the 100% Completion ending in Batman: Arkham Knight, someone is definitely still patrolling the Gotham City as Batman. However, this Batman seems to take more of a supernatural appearance with mysterious smoke emanating from their body. Some theorize this to be Bruce Wayne using a modified version of the Scarecrow's fear toxin. This would allow for him to take more of a fearsome appearance when stopping criminals while also keeping up the illusion that he's dead.

If this were to be what happened, it would be interesting to see where Bruce and Alfred are living during this time due to the destruction of Wayne Manor. Bruce Wayne clearly had the possibility of his identity being exposed in mind, as he is the one who planned the Wayne Manor explosion. Sections involving Bruce Wayne in this new life could add interesting gameplay sections and story possibilities for the game.

Bruce Wayne Becoming a Mentor for Terry McGinnis

Another possibility for Bruce Wayne's future is for him to become a mentor for a new Batman: Terry McGinnis. For fans unaware, Terry became Batman after Bruce's retirement from the role in a sequel show to Batman: The Animated Series, known as Batman Beyond. While Terry does go up against some of Bruce's old foes, there are plenty of enemies exclusive to Terry's own rogues' gallery that would make for interesting characters in an Arkhamverse game.

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If the team behind the Arkhamverse decide to go down the Batman Beyond route, it's very possible that Bruce Wayne would no longer be a playable character. However, it is also possible that he could be playable in certain sections similar to the Catwoman gameplay sections available in Batman: Arkham City.

After a time skip resulting in an old aged Bruce Wayne, there is a high amount of possibilities of character moments with interacting with Terry as a protégé. More could be explained about what exactly happened during the end of Batman: Arkham Knight as well as how the events of the other Arkhamverse games affected him. Forcing Bruce out of the Batman mask while also helping stop crimes in Gotham could make for a fresh take on the character as well. While some fans may not be all too excited over playing as a different Batman, it may be just what the series needs.

The Next Game is Another Prequel

One possibility that may not sit well with fans at first is the next game not taking place after Arkham Knight similar to what happened with Arkham Origins. Doing this would allow characters to return to a sort of status quo before other events took place such as the deaths of Poison Ivy and the Joker, as well as before the shooting of Barbara Gordon.

If more members of the Bat Family were around in an Arkhamverse title, this could lead to more interactions outside of crime fighting as well, such as Bruce Wayne also raising Dick Grayson as his son outside of teaching him how to be Robin. After all, Bruce did legally adopt Dick and was his father for most of his life. Not only that, but Bruce was a father figure to many of his sidekicks and protégés. Having those human interactions or glimpses into their lives outside of crime fighting in the night could make for a heartfelt and possibly heart shattering game.

There are also plenty of comics that revolve around Bruce Wayne's life that couldn't possibly take place in a sequel such as the origin of Two-Face and other such Batman villains that appear in games after Batman: Arkham Origins. As Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne were close friends, it would be interesting to see how the Batman: Arkham development team would handle their relationship as well as Harvey's own downfall.

Another area developers and writers could explore is Batman's relationship to the Justice League and the possibility of other heroes existing in the Arkhamverse. Doing this could also open up the possibility for other games starring other heroes such as Superman, Wonderwoman, and the Flash. With Robin already being in the Arkhamverse, it's also possible for the formation of the Teen Titans to also occur somewhere in the timeline.

There's currently no real way of knowing what's to come in the next Batman: Arkham game. There are hundreds of comics and stories that the developers can get side quest and mainline quest ideas from. With the current pandemic occurring, many games and movies are being delayed due to many employees being unable to come into work and the like. However, this also gives fans even more time to speculate what's to come in the caped crusader's future.

The next Batman Arkham game is reported to be in development.

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