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The Next Witcher Game Should Replace Gwent

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  • Posted on 01st Apr, 2022 06:40 AM

The continuation of the iconic Witcher series is a perfect opportunity for CD Projekt Red to move away from Gwent and introduce a new minigame.

p>The internet has been abuzz ever since CD Projekt Red announced a new Witcher game is in development. In a post on The Witcher’s website, the announcement says CD Projekt Red will be utilizing Unreal Engine 5. Alongside the announcement was an image depicting a Witcher medallion in the shape of a lynx. This has led some fans to believe the new title won't include Geralt, but will instead focus on the start of a new saga. If this is the case and the series leaves its origins behind, it would be a great opportunity for CD Projekt Red to move away from Gwent, too.

For those unfamiliar, Gwent is a minigame that appears in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It's a card game that Geralt can play with various NPCs from around the world, with the object of the game being to score more points by playing cards with different number values. In addition to these values, Gwent cards typically possess different effects that can be utilized to prevent opponents from scoring. Gwent proved to be almost as popular as The Witcher 3, and was even redesigned into a standalone title. With a new Witcher game, however, now is the perfect time to push for the next evolution of series minigames.

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Minigames in The Witcher

The original Witcher game and its sequel, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, did not include Gwent. In its stead was a minigame called dice poker. Dice poker is basically a game of five-card draw poker, but with five dice instead of playing cards. Dice poker certainly doesn’t have the same level of polish as Gwent, but nonetheless it’s a fun inclusion that set a precedent for minigames in The Witcher, alongside fist-fighting and arm wrestling. The novelty of a minigame is to provide smaller, inconsequential experiences that give players a break from the main questline, and dice poker accomplishes this.

Minigames for The Next Witcher Saga

Now that a new Witcher game has been announced, it begs all sorts of questions about what the new title’s world will look like. The use of Unreal Engine 5 will undoubtedly change the way the world looks and feels. For example, one wonders if there will there be familiar locations, or if the game takes place on a totally new continent. In that same vein, it's worth considering which of the series’ mainstay mechanics will be kept and which will be reinvented.

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Gwent has been around for about seven years with little to no changes. Since the next entry (not called Witcher 4 apparently) and the series’ future is subject to speculation, it's the perfect time for CD Projekt Red to continue its tradition of tabletop minigames. A new minigame would help the next game not only establish its own identity, but also build a new world. This could be a game that incorporates different types of game pieces; cards and dice have both been used for minigames, so maybe it could be something similar to chess with its own unique pieces.

The idea is not to try and get rid of something that isn’t broken, since Gwent is very much still thriving. Rather, it’s an impetus for CD Projekt Red to innovate and create another classic minigame like Gwent that could flourish alongside the card game. Captivating audiences with an open-world game full of content is predicated on providing new and exciting gameplay. CD Projekt Red needs a hit after Cyberpunk 2077, and the studio should take care to deliver on all the things that made The Witcher so successful. If anyone can create a new minigame, it’s the director of Gwent, Jason Slama, who is also set to be the director of the next Witcher adventure.

A new Witcher game is in development.

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