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The Quarry Has a Star-Studded Cast

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  • Posted on 27th May, 2022 22:30 PM

Supermassive Games clearly wants the story of The Quarry to feel like fans are playing a movie, considering everyone who makes up the cast.

p>When The Quarry releases in June, it will be just the latest game in what is becoming a long line of titles made by Supermassive Games that are in somewhat the same vein. In fact, at this point, it's possible that the studio could claim it has mapped out its own subgenre of interactive drama horror video games. Since The Quarry is the latest entry into this brand of horror game, it's continuing the formula that Supermassive has perfected in a number of different ways.

Obviously right at the top of the list of the things that The Quarry has in common with other games developed by Supermassive is its approach to horror themes and graphics. Much like the titles that came before it, the look and feel of the game is supposed to be fairly photorealistic with a bit of a twist. One of the other ways that the upcoming game is going to be walking the same path of the games that came before it like House of Ashes is that The Quarry has quite an impressive voice cast.

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The Quarry's Major Stars

It could be argued that the newest project from Supermassive Games has the most star-studded cast of the many Supermassive horror games that came before it. Certainly, there have always been some big names such as Hayden Pannetierre in Until Dawn, but The Quarry is absolutely loaded up with well-known names from television and movies.

Headlining the group is a veteran of horror and science fiction movies in Lance Henriksen. While best known for his appearance as an android in the Alien franchise, he's done a ton of other sci-fi films, including making some appearances in the Terminator franchise. Not much is known about his character Jedediah just yet, but so far, signs suggest that he's going to be a cranky elderly man with sinister intentions. That's certainly a character the veteran actor can handle playing.

There are a couple of other veterans of the horror genre making an appearance in The Quarry, as David Arquette and Ted Raimi are both very recognizable names and faces. Arquette just happens to be associated with one of the most popular slasher movie franchises in movie history, thanks to his many turns as Dewey Riley in all of the Scream installments. Raimi might be overshadowed by his famous director brother Sam from time to time, but he's got plenty of experience working alongside horror legends like Bruce Campbell in Ash vs Evil Dead.

Perhaps most interestingly, there are a couple of names and faces that television and movie fans are going to recognize that aren't really associated with the horror genre. That includes Ariel Winter and Brenda Song. There's also another actor that has joined the cast of The Quarry that has some experience working in the video game world, as Justice Smith is easily recognizable as the main protagonist of the Detective Pikachu movie.

Even as acclaimed actors from all genres of cinema and TV seem to get increasingly interested in video game work, The Quarry's roster of recognizable performers is impressive. It is clear that the game's developers went out and got a voice cast that isn't short on talent. Considering that The Quarry is said to have about 200 different endings, it appears as though the cast of characters is going to be able to really strut their stuff, depending on the choices and the twists and turns that the story takes.

The Quarry launches June 10 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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