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The Sims 4: The Best Items In The Decor To The Max Kit

The Sims 4: The Best Items In The Decor To The Max Kit Image
  • Posted on 01st Apr, 2022 06:40 AM

There are a lot of great items in The Sims 4 Decor To The Max kit. Here are some of the best.

p>EA’s new kit for The Sims 4, Decor To The Max, introduces a small collection of furniture and build items that suit a maximalist style. For people who are fans of eclectic, art-deco styles, it’s a perfect choice for fancier builds and expensive houses. For others, the kit’s assortment may feel bold and overwhelming, or they may not know where to start.

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Whatever the players’ tastes when it comes to decor, many of the items in the Decor To The Max kit are surprisingly flexible, and can be a great finishing touch that complements the rest of the room by adding a bold touch to a variety of styles in The Sims 4.

10 Warmly Chromatic Fireplace

  • Price: §1,520

Bold yet compact, with a variety of color swatches to help it blend into any room’s color scheme, the Warmly Chromatic Fireplace can easily become a favorite for any Sims players who’ve been wanting a new centerpiece for their room. Whether the player wants it in a bold, bright color to make it the center of attention, or a gentler or more neutral shade, so it can compliment the rest of the room, the Warmly Chromatic Fireplace has a solid and flexible design that can look classic, modern, or downright eye-grabbing depending on how it’s used.

9 Explosion Of Light Fixture

  • Price: §205

Whether players are going for a modern, mid-century, or art deco style in their room, the Explosion of Light Fixture will prove itself to be incredibly versatile for what the player needs. While ceiling lights may be a more underrated form of decorative lighting in The Sims 4, given their tendency to be invisible most of the time a player is looking in the room, a good ceiling fixture can go a long way when it comes to making a room’s style look complete. In addition to its elegant starburst shape, the Explosion of Light Fixture also provides several swatches that can fit with most rooms’ color scheme as well.

8 Bold Indulgence Hallway Table

  • Price: §305

Small, compact tables for hallways, tv stands, and more often go a long way to filling a house and making it feel alive and serve their double purpose well by reinforcing their room’s style while they do. The Bold Indulgence Hallway Table, while being surprisingly cheap for such a bold style, offers patterned drawers and a metal frame to add a small touch of extravagance or whimsy to a room.

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Its low price also makes it affordable while coming in enough color swatches to let it suit a variety of styles ranging from elegant to colorful and quirky.

7 Plushly Bold Rug

  • Price: §435

With color swatches ranging from elegant illustrations or nature to bold geometric patterns, the Plushly Bold Rug is definitely worth looking into for any Sims players who like making a rug the centerpiece of a room’s design. Whether players want something large and bold to define the room, or something soft for their Sims' feet as they walk through their house, the Plushly Bold Rug can be as wild or as complementary as the player wants it to be, to make sure it fits in exactly how they want.

6 Sumptuous Throne For Everyday Living

  • Price: §410

One of the bolder chairs for sure, it’s hard to overlook the colorful leather and metallic stand the chair rests on. This chair is elegant, eye-catching, and perfect for Sims seeking an extravagant life full of luxury and style. Whether it’s bright pink and blue, a rich teal, or sleek white, the color swatches transform this chair to the point where it’s easy to forget they’re the same model. As a result, the chair can fit seamlessly into almost any room, whether it needs elegant seating or a pop of color.

5 A Balanced Place For Coffee

  • Price: §205

Coffee tables are often a must-have in any living room, and the result is a mountain of choices for players to choose from. Sometimes, it can be hard to decide what the best choice would be for the room, and whether it’s flexible or subtle enough to match the style that’s already been established.

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A Balanced Place For Coffee fixes several of these issues by offering a simple yet sculptural glass table with several color options that transform the material and feel that let it blend into a room.

4 A Regal Stand

  • Price: §260

Like most furniture pieces in the Decor To The Max kit, A Regal Stand has an array of color swatches that completely transform the small end table. If a player is looking for something fun, bold, and colorful, A Regal Stand is an eye-catching option. If something bold yet elegant is more their speed, there are darker swatches as well that let it blend into darker rooms as well, where the gold accents create a rich touch of extravagance to a room (or house in general).

3 Collage Of Personality

  • Price: §700

While the price tag is definitely not suited for players on a tight budget, picture frames can often make or break a house’s decoration. Empty walls can often make a room look blank or unlived in, and it can be hard to arrange a gallery in an organic way. The Collage Of Personality does a good job at providing a solution to both with an arrangement of plants, mirrors, and framed art of different shapes and sizes that come in plenty of different color options for the player to choose from.

2 Geometric Giraffes

  • Price: §545

Pieces of art or sculpture in a home, no matter how small, are the perfect finishing touch to a room’s design, and can often be enjoyed by sims and players alike. Potted plants or natural clutter are popular choices for designers while bringing a room to life, but for fancier or more artistic Sims, something like Geometric Giraffes can add a lot of personality to a room’s design. Whether the personality in question is an eclectic collection of art for a creative Sim, or a show of wealth by the more materialistic, the Geometric Giraffes are a small yet unique addition to any room.

1 Panels Of Self Mirror

  • Price: §710

In addition to wall art, sometimes a creative mirror goes a long way to making a room feel decorated. Whether a player is looking for something to decorate their walls, or just needs a mirror and is looking for something beyond the more typical styles, the Panels of Self Mirror is a large but gorgeous adornment to any wall. While offering a series of rectangles arranged in a gentle, wavy arrangement, the lack of frame also makes it easy to fit the mirror in any room’s color scheme without issue.

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