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The Steam Deck Now Has Over 2,000 Verified And Playable Games

The Steam Deck Now Has Over 2,000 Verified And Playable Games Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 19:05 PM

The Steam Deck features double the number of supported games that it had a month ago, with the total number of playable games now sitting at 2000.

p>The Steam Deck has had a great run so far considering Valve currently unable to keep up with the huge demand for the handheld gaming PC. Valve and many other developers have ensured that Steam Deck users will not run out of games to play, as the number of Steam games playable on the device has doubled since last month.

Last month, the Steam Deck had over 1000 verified and playable games. Steam games that are verified for the Steam Deck means that the games have been thoroughly play-tested and are fully compatible with the device, whereas, playable games should be able to run on the Steam Deck without issue, however, some compatibility issues may arise through more play-testing. The Steam Deck had 559 verified games and 498 playable games in its library at the beginning of March, but Valve has made major progress since then.

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Steam Deck owners now have over 2000 games available for them to play, with 1000 of those games being verified and 1000 of them being playable. 1000 other games that were tested for the Steam Deck are currently unsupported, which means that these games will not work on the Steam Deck at all. Valve does, however, have plans in the works to get these games up and running on the handheld gaming PC.

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The Witcher 3 is one of the latest games to be added to the Steam Deck. This is an incredible feat when one considers that many high-end gaming desktops were unable to run the title back when it released in 2015 due to how graphically demanding it was. The game was ported to the Nintendo Switch some time ago but was only offered in 540p in handheld mode, whereas, the Steam Deck is capable of running The Witcher 3 in its ultra preset at 800p.

Valve has also recently added support for Windows 11 on the Steam Deck. The operating system is not fully optimized just yet, and it has been previously noted that using Windows 10 on the Steam Deck could significantly hamper performance in some games, however, users that prefer Windows to Linux will likely be able to use Microsoft's operating system in the future.

Those who are yet to get their hands on the handheld gaming PC needn't worry too much, as Valve has noted that Steam Deck supplies will soon be in the hundreds of thousands.

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