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The Walking Dead: 10 Underrated Side-Characters

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  • Posted on 30th Sep, 2022 06:25 AM

Everyone watching The Walking Dead knows Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes but there are some fantastic side characters that deserve more attention.

p>Many characters have come and gone throughout The Walking Dead's 10 seasons but which ones should've gotten more attention than they did?

With such a large cast throughout the years, it's hard to keep up with some of the characters that have left the show and even with characters that are still on the show. So, which ones should get or should have gotten more of a spotlight than they actually did?

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Here are some characters that are underrated, based on how important they were for the show, what they present, and their own personal growth. SPOILERS AHEAD for both The Walking Dead and (some) Fear the Walking Dead.

10/10 Jim

Jim only made it 5 episodes into the show but he had an important role. He was one of the first people that the viewers ever get to see succumb to a walker bite. Although Amy, Andrea's sister was the first in the group to die, she doesn't have to deal with the infection while alive. Jim, on the other hand, has to try and fight off the infection.

Of course, that isn't possible as there is no cure and he is eventually left behind. Seeing this happen in front of their eyes, Jim's infection has a great impact on the group. Especially Jacqui that chose to stay behind during the CDC explosion.

9/10 Lizzie Samuels

Lizzie isn't the most liked character because of the decisions she has made amidst a confused thought process. But Lizzie was nothing other than a confused girl that didn't know how to deal with what was going on around her and how to grasp and understand reality.

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This leads her to believe that the walkers are just misunderstood. Her character served to show the viewers how the apocalypse could easily break and perturb a child and lead them into awful acts out of confusion. Lizzie greatly impacts Carol, who also had to make a morally confusing decision.

8/10 Abraham Ford

Abraham had much more to offer Rick's group. Before the apocalypse, he was a highly skilled military Sargeant. His witty sense of humor made him a great addition to the show. Unfortunately, he died way too soon and, though somewhat similar, even his death was quickly overshadowed by Glenn's even more graphic and disturbing death scene.

This is not confirmed but there is a chance that Abraham's character got a small easter egg in a Fear the Walking Dead episode. It is possible that he might've come across Daniel Salazar during his travels prior to meeting Rick's group.

7/10 Kelly

Kelly is without a doubt one of the strongest survivors on The Walking Dead. When the outbreak began she was still quite young and had to quickly step up and be an adult. She is a reliable survivor.

Kelly is quite protective of her sister, Connie. The two of them protect each other and, although Kelly doesn't get as much screen time, she's just as strong. This new season fans have gotten to see more of Kelly as Connie went missing. Perhaps she will form a bond with Elijah, who according to Maggie has recently lost a sibling as well.

6/10 Aaron

Aaron has been on the side-lines for most of the time on the show. He has proved himself to be extremely brave and good-hearted. It is because of Aaron that Rick and the group joined Alexandria so his appearance on The Walking Dead has been of the utmost importance and changed the entire course of the story.

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Though he has been a more predominant character recently, there has never really been a spotlight shining on him. But, there still isn't as much of a focus on him as there could be. He has gotten strong enough to perhaps even lead the group, eventually.

5/10 Mary (Gamma)

Thora Birch did a great job playing Gamma in The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, she didn't get to be in as many episodes as some of the other characters that become important to the story.

However, Gamma did have some very good character development in the few episodes she was in. She went from a loyal Whisperer that had it in her to sacrifice her own sister for the group to someone that lost stopped being afraid and decided to do the right thing and join Aaron's group.

4/10 Dwight

Dwight had a rough start on the show. Initially working as one of Negan's top guys. However, later on, it became evident that he does not like his life as a Saviour and eventually betrays them and becomes Rick's ally.

He is still exile by Daryl after the Saviours have been defeated. It is then that he goes out on a journey, looking for his wife. Although at first Dwight was labeled as a bad guy, it is obvious that there was more than meets the eye. It's a shame that he left the show before getting a chance to show the viewers more of himself, but thankfully he is now part of Fear the Walking Dead so everyone gets to see what else he has to offer.

3/10 Bob Stookey

Bob was a recovering alcoholic, that initially seemed extremely tormented by his past. However, he began to grow as a person throughout his time on the show. His outlook on life began to improve once he began to form a strong bond with Sasha. They two really became deeply connected.

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Although his leaving the show was sad, it was very satisfying to see the look on the Terminus group's faces as he laughs and says "Tainted meat!" as they're eating his leg, revealing the walker bite on his shoulder.

2/10 Eastman

Eastman was a survivor that ultimately learned and grew with his own mistakes. He chose to look at the good in people instead of the evilness they could carry. He believed that all life is precious. And, once he and Morgan crossed paths, he tried to teach him the same thing and to avoid killing.

Although he only shows up in 1 episode he is extremely important to Morgan. Especially, the person that Morgan becomes and his actions and behavior in The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead.

1/10 Tyreese Williams

It's a shame that Tyreese doesn't get as big of a role in the TV show as he does in the comics. However, he was still one of the most important characters in the show at some point. If it weren't for him, Judith wouldn't have made it out of the prison. At the time she was still a very small baby at the time of its downfall.

He was shown as a very protective person that always tried to do right by the group. Especially, his younger sister, Sasha.

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