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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: 10 NPCs From The Main Games We'd Love To See In DLC

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: 10 NPCs From The Main Games We'd Love To See In DLC Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 22:40 PM

Tina's Wonderlands are a magical realm where anything can happen. Why not hang out with some old friends?

p>Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is an entertaining offshoot of the Borderlands series, trading grungy sci-fi for swords and sorcery, but maintaining the Borderlands style (and gameplay). Despite the newness of the setting, the game is similar to other Borderlands titles in several ways. For example, it has four add-on campaigns planned, just like the three mainline games. In the other games, each expansion pack tended to focus on specific characters. If Tiny Tina's Wonderlands operates similarly, there's a chance fans will see returning Borderlands characters headlining the different add-ons.

Although the Wonderlands themselves are an imaginary world dreamed up by Tiny Tina, past Borderlands characters can still show up. They've appeared before either as Tina's depiction of that person or as someone stopping by to join the game, like Mr. Torgue in Assault on Dragon Keep. Here are a few characters that would make good additions to the Wonderlands.

10 Mordecai

This OG Vault Hunter is no stranger to Tina's game. He appeared in Dragon Keep as the disinterested player, alongside savvy Lilith and combat enthusiast Brick. Brick appears in Wonderlands as the "Fairy Punchfather," meaning the other two have a chance to appear as well.

Mordecai would likely be the more interesting choice, since Lilith is a Bunkers & Badasses pro, and Tina's half-adherance to the rules is a big part of what makes the Wonderlands great. Seeing the game from the eyes of a player who's still learning has comedic potential, and he could also give players a wyvern spell based on his old friend Bloodwing.

9 Zer0

This mysterious assassin was introduced in Borderlands 2 and appeared again in 3, as well as spinoff Tales From The Borderlands, but he remains as secretive as ever. Developer Gearbox may or may not want to keep his mystique intact, but they could go eithere route.

Giving Zer0 him the opportunity to express himself through a tabletop RPG, which is already a means which several characters use to cope with reality or explore different aspects of their selves, could be a way to flesh out the assassin without necessarily exposing all his secrets. Plus, it would be interesting to hear some Dungeons & Dragons themed haiku.

8 Maya

Maya is a Siren, and one of the core Vault Hunters from Borderlands 2. She appeared as a guest in Borderlands 3, but her story didn't end well. Wonderlands provides an opportunity to give the character a little more content.

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Unlike some of her fellow Vault Hunters, not much is known about Maya's actual character, and a game of Bunkers & Badasses might be a good way to reveal some more. Surely, Gearbox is aware people would like to see Maya again, if her brief appearance in Krieg's Fustercluck is any indication.

7 Tannis

The series' resident mad scientist, Tannis has been a side character since the first game, and has gradually taken on a more central role. She's best known for her neuroses and lack of social skills, so it would be interesting to see her interpretation of the Wonderlands, which is shaped by its players.

It may be out of character for her to play a game with other people, especially in the Borderlands 2 time period, but perhaps Tina could rope her into joining somehow.

6 Gaige

The Mechromancer, first added in Borderlands 2, is an interesting character who didn't get much in-game focus. She's a high schooler, a robotics engineer, and a fugitive on the run from law enforcement after one of her projects killed a fellow student by accident, but all this is only mentioned in promotional materials outside the game.

Gaige did make an appearance as a supporting character in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC for Borderlands 3, but a little more wouldn't hurt. Her personal style would make a good fit in Tina's Wonderlands.

5 Jakobs

One of the new characters introduced in Borderlands 3, Wainwright Jakobs is also one of the most interesting. He is defined by his love for Sir Hammerlock, and his efforts to be a worthy successor to his father's gun manufacturing legacy. Since his appearances in-game are all business, it would be interesting to see him in a less serious setting.

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Plus, some characters introduced in Borderlands 3 make cameo appearances in Wonderlands: Barista Lorelei appears as Paladin Mike, and bounty hunter Clay appears as the Wastard. Spending some downtime with Jakobs would be fun as well, although the timeframe might be off: Jakobs was in a very different position in Borderlands 2 than he is when he appears in 3.

4 Salvadore

Another original Vault Hunter from Borderlands 2, Salvadore is the raucous Gunzerker. His eccentric, yet violent style would make a good fit for the Wonderlands, and he's one of the past Borderlands characters with the least content. Along with Commando Axton, the only bonus appearance he made was as the host of a DLC side mode in 3, so fans would love to see more of him.

Salvadore even has a tenuous connection to Tina's RPG. In Assault on Dragon Keep, Tina makes all the dwarven enemies in Salvadore's image (and checks with him to make sure that's okay). If he was to appear in Wonderlands, he's got a ready-made spot as King of the Dwarves.

3 Marcus

Series narrator from game one, Marcus Kincaid is a greedy arms dealer who never fails to appear alongside each game's main cast to sell them guns. He doesn't appear in Wonderlands, which makes sense at first. The Wonderlands is about adventure and imagination, and Marcus is about profits.

He might be a better fit than he appears, though. Marcus always appears as a narrator telling a story, which is at the core of Wonderlands, and the core of Dungeons & Dragons as well. The only issue might be that if Marcus is running an RPG, the story he tells could just end up being Borderlands.

2 Handsome Jack

The villain of Borderlands 2, and of Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, Jack is easily the most memorable villain in the series. He's an unrepentant, arrogant murderer who firmly believes he's ridding the universe of bad people. He made several reappearances after his death, including multiple DLC campaigns in the form of old recordings, as the villain in Tales in the form of an AI replica, and even his own prequel game detailing his backstory.

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As one of Tina's RPG antagonists, his reappearance as the "Handsome Sorcerer" would be as easy as Tina deciding to use him again. Hanging out with Jack is always a good time, though it is a shame that Gearbox hasn't been able to come up with another villain as good. Perhaps it would be better not to over-rely on him.

1 Loader Bot

A breakout star in Tales From The Borderlands, Loader Bot is a standard Hyperion combat robot that develops into a genuine friend. He also has a terrifying role as hostage taker as framing element, undercover in a concealing cape and hood.

When Beastmaster Fl4k was revealed as a playable Vault Hunter in Borderlands 3, some people theorized, perhaps hoped, they were Loader Bot because they're a killer robot wearing a large coat. That ended up not being the case, but other characters from Tales did show up in the game. There's still an opportunity to bring Loader Bot back for a little bonus adventure in Wonderlands.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is available on Epic Games, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4.

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