Top 10 Most Overpowered Stand Abilities In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 21:21 PM

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Stands cover a wide range of abilities, some of which are rather overpowered.

p>JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is home to one of the most unique power systems in the anime world. Known as Stands, this system offers all kinds of abilities that depend on the user. As the powers are very diverse, they can either be devastating or underwhelming.

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In the case of some Stands, they don't need their user to be ingenious to pull off victories. These Stands offer ridiculous abilities to their owners that allow them to beat their opponents with ease. In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, there are a handful of overpowered Stands, but which ones are the most overwhelming?

10 Green Day

Green Day is the Stand of Cioccolata, a member of Diavolo's Special Squad. The Stand affects others via molds and these molds grow at an astoundingly quick rate, which allowed Cioccolata to destroy an entire city very quickly.

Once infected, if a person goes to a lower altitude, the mold will spread rapidly. Furthermore, the Stand can also be attached to the user's body to save them from potential danger.

9 King Crimson/Epitaph

Diavolo was the leader of Passione, a big criminal organization. No one knew about his real identity and it was only towards the end of Golden Wind that Bruno and co. saw his real face.

Diavolo's King Crimson played a major role in hiding his identity from his enemies. King Crimson was able to skip time and predict future events. Both the abilities make King Crimson a very dangerous Stand, and Giorno needed to evolve his own Stand to beat it.

8 Killer Queen

Killer Queen is the Stand of Yoshikage Kira. The Stand is very versatile as it is armed with a variety of bombs. The first is activated when Kira touches another object or person.

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Another bomb is Sheer Heart Attack, which is a long-range bomb, which is almost impossible to disarm. Finally, Killer Queen's third bomb is Bites the Dust. Kira can plant this bomb into another person in order to prevent people from finding out his real identity.

7 Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody is a very unique Stand. It belongs to one of DIO's illegitimate sons, Ungalo, who appears in Stone Ocean. The Stand has an infinite range, which allows it to affect the entire earth. In order for the Stand to work, a person must know about a fictional character, and once they recognize the character, they are taken into a different world.

They have to go through the same events as the fictional character. The only way to stop it is by creating another fictional character that can stop the others. The incredible range of Bohemian Rhapsody sets it apart from most of the Stands and makes it an overpowered ability.

6 C-Moon

C-Moon is the evolved form of Whitesnake, Pucci's stand. It makes Pucci the center of the phenomenon of reverse gravity. When C-Moon touches a surface, its power can turn the surface inside out, which can lead to very serious injuries.

C-Moon also has the ability to accelerate time, however, its time acceleration affects living and non-living beings. C-Moon's ability over gravity and time acceleration are both very overpowered.

5 Star Platinum/The World

Both the Stands are very similar to one another. Star Platinum is the Stand of Jotaro, while The World belongs to DIO. The Stands are very powerful physically and can easily pummel other Stands.

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In addition to their outstanding physical attributes, they also possess the ability to stop time. With their ability to stop time, they can easily launch devastating attacks towards and their opponents cannot dodge them.

4 Tusk Act IV

Johnny Joestar is the protagonist of Part 7. As a paraplegic, Johnny did not have any hope that he would be able to get his old life back. However, once he came to know about the Saint's Corpse, he did everything in his power to get his hands on it.

​​​​​​Johnny's Stand, Tusk Act IV is the final form of his Stand. It is powered by the Golden Spin, which grants it infinite energy. Once attacked by the Stand, the Golden Spin ensures that the target cannot escape. With its power, he was able to trap Funny Valentine, who had a powerful Stand of his own.

3 D4C Love Train

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap or D4C is the Stand of Funny Valentine, the main villain of Steel Ball Run. He aimed to steal the Saint's Corpse and use it to turn the United States into the best place in the entire world.

His Stand, D4C, is a powerful stand that allows him to move through different dimensions. The only condition that needs to be met is that Funny Valentine needs to be caught between two objects. Valentine can replace his injured body with a fresh one from another dimension, which makes him almost immortal. When Valentine got a hold of the Saint's Corpse, he was able to avoid all kinds of misfortune. Any attack towards him was simply misdirected, which makes this a truly frightening Stand ability.

2 Made in Heaven

Enrico Pucci is easily among the strongest characters in Stone Ocean. After evolving his Whitesnake into C-Moon, Pucci still had room to improve his Stand further by turning C-Moon into Made in Heaven. This Stand has control over the forces of gravity of the earth, the moon, and the entire universe. This allows it to accelerate the time at a very rapid pace.

The increase in time affects all the non-livings and it could potentially lead to very serious disasters. Made in Heaven can also affect the time stop ability of Star Platinum. The power to create an entirely new universe is an overpowered ability.

1 Gold Experience Requiem

Not many Stand abilities can boast of being better than Giorno's Gold Experience Requiem. Giorno Giovanna managed to evolve his original Stand, Gold Experience by piercing it with the Stand Arrow. This resulted in Gold Experience turning into Gold Experience Requiem.

The evolved Stand is sentient and it does not require Giorno's orders to move. It is able to act on its own free will to reverse any actions that could possibly harm Giorno. Gold Experience Requiem's ability to nullify all harmful actions means it is essentially invincible and makes it the most overpowered Stand in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

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