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Triangle Strategy: Should You Protect Prince Roland or Surrender Him?

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  • Posted on 01st Apr, 2022 14:09 PM

In Chapter 7 of Triangle Strategy, players have a massive choice to make when it comes to keeping Prince Roland safe or not.

The Tactics-like RPG Triangle Strategy is a game of difficult choices. Players will have to choose between two bad options more often than not. The first of these is a horrible decision that players will have to make in Chapter 7: whether to give up Roland Glenbrook or not.

The Story So Far in Triangle Strategy

Serenoa and company have finished their celebration of his and Frederica's upcoming marriage with all three of the kingdoms in Triangle Strategy. While still in celebration mode, a sudden attack hits the gates of the Glenbrook seat of power: Aefrost has attacked, killing most of Roland's family and leaving him stranded in House Wolffort. Aesfrost's army then descends on Serenoa's household in order to issue a terrible choice: either give up Prince Roland or Aesfrost will destroy House Wolffort.

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Up until this point, players have only had to make one choice with Serenoa's Scales of Conviction in Triangle Strategy. While the tutorial choice is about choosing to visit Hyzante or to visit Aesfrost, the choice in chapter 7 is a lot harder. Either choice sounds like a terrible plan, and Serenoa's friends are split down the middle as to what they should do about it.

  • Three friends wish to Prince Roland no matter what in this Tactics-like RPG : Frederica, Hughette, and Erador.
  • Three are also in favor of giving Roland up to Aesfrost: Roland, Benedict Pascal, and Geela.
  • Anna is the only one undecided.

The Choice to Give up Roland in Chapter 7 of Triangle Strategy

While Roland Glenbrook is a good friend in this Switch-exclusive game called Triangle Strategy, he believes the best route is to give himself up to the army of Aesfrost, saying it is his duty as their Prince to protect the people of Wolffort. He is against anyone getting hurt on his account. Therefore, he presses Serenoa to let him go. In order to get a unanimous decision, players will have to convince Anna, Frederica, Erador, and Hughette before bringing the vote to the Scale. Here are the things Serenoa has to say to convince his friends to change their mind.

  • Anna - "That I may not be able to protect my people from the fires of war I see on the horizon." Then: "So you believe we can defeat Avlora?"
  • Frederica - "Doing so would save countless lives. This is the only way to protect our own."
  • Hughette - "I cannot compel my people to march to their demise for one man, prince or not."
  • Erador - "I cannot bear to watch the good people of the demesne die." Then: "This has nothing to do with any debt. I make this decision as lord of House Wolffort, and I take responsibility for its outcome."

Players will only have to convince one of these people in order to have the Scales lean toward giving Roland up, so players shouldn't worry if they are missing one of the above. If players give up Roland, he will survive, so don't worry too much about giving him up. Though Roland will not be available to level up in the Triangle Strategy Encampment until he returns to the party. If he is surrendered, players will move onto Chapter Seven, Part Two - Fate in Flames.

The Choice to Protect Roland in Chapter 7 of Triangle Strategy

While this choice is easier to convince the others to go with, it is the hardest choice in the long run because players will have to take on Avlora. In order to convince everyone, Triangle Strategy players will need to choose these dialogue options.

  • Anna - "House Wolffort shrinks from no enemy. We will strategize and fight, as we always have."
  • Roland - "Have you forgotten Ser Maxwell's dying words? Would you render his noble sacrifice for naught?" Then: "Pray, do not deny your beloved master his last request."
  • Benedict - "Perhaps the battle is not as hopeless as one might think..." Then: "Is it not together with Roland that we might best protect both demesne and kingdom? Surely that is reason enough!"
  • Geela - "I will not bet the life of our prince - of my friend - on a mere supposition." Then: "Truth be told, I have a plan... Provided the rumors I've heard are true."

If players choose to take on Aesfrost rather than give Roland up, the next section of Chapter Seven will be called: Part Two - Not a Word, My Friend. They have the option to set the town on fire to damage Avlora's forces or to take her on without. Either way, this feels like one of the most difficult choices in Triangle's Strategy's 40-hour run length.

Which Choice Should Players Make to Get the Best Ending In Triangle Strategy?

This choice is a difficult one for players, but they shouldn't worry too much about it. If players choose to give up Roland, that will allow them to get the so-called Golden Ending. Players can still get the best ending if they don't give up Roland, just as long as they don't set the town on fire. Therefore, players should go with their hearts when choosing whether to give up Roland or keep him safe from Aesfrost. These choices are one of the best things about Triangle Strategy; they really feel like very important, life-changing choices that can mean the difference between keeping the world together and having it break apart.

Triangle Strategy is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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