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Tunic: How To Unlock The Fire Staff

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  • Posted on 01st Apr, 2022 12:24 PM

The Fire Staff is a useful tool in Tunic. Here's how to unlock it.

p>Tunic's basic attacks will be familiar to anyone who's played adventure games like this before: one button swings the sword and another pulls up the shield. But Tunic also sports a variety of different magical objects that can augment the titular fox's combat prowess.

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One of these artifacts is a mysterious object that can shoot fireballs at enemies from a distance. This fire staff is a powerful tool that makes it much easier to take out Tunic's quicker enemies or put some damage into tough ones before they get close. Finding the fire staff, however, isn't as straightforward as using it. It's a little ways off the main path, so players who want to add it to their arsenal should follow these steps.

The Golden Door

After defeating the Garden Knight and ringing the West Bell, players should make their way back to the fox shrine in the middle of the Overworld region. From here, head up to the large, golden door that has been sealed up until this point. With both bells activated, the door will finally open, allowing Tunic entry to the chambers beyond.

Inside is a cavernous room with steps at the other side that lead up to a large, hexagonal gyroscope that dwarfs Tunic in size. Head up the stairs to the right, through the archway, and up the ladder to the narrow ledge running along the wall. Follow this ledge down, then take a right when Tunic disappears behind the corner (his silhouette will still be visible). Round the other side to find a guidebook page sitting on a small offshoot of the ledge.

Continue down the path past the guidebook page to find a shortcut bridge that can be lowered to cross from one side of the room to the other. Walk across and take a right at the ledge on the other side before leaving the chamber through a doorway on the left.

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Scaling The Mountain

Once outside, hug the wall and walk down until Tunic disappears behind the wall. A small A icon will appear above his head (if using an Xbox controller), which indicates there's a hidden ladder. Climb up the ladder to reach a wider ledge with a Captain Rudeling looking away from where Tunic emerged.

Take out the Rudeling and cross the wooden bridge on the left to reach a set of shallow steps leading up and to the right. Climb these to find a large, golden obelisk sitting at the top of more shallow stairs. Resting on the ground in front of the obelisk is a golden staff with a glowing, red crystal embedded in the top. Approach it and press A to claim the fire staff (which is marked as ???).

The fire staff won't set enemies on fire, but it does deal a decent amount of damage and is one of Tunic's most reliable, ranged weapons in the game. It can take out weaker enemies like fairies and skulls with a single hit, and deal noticeable damage to enemies with more health points as well. Shielded enemies can deflect its shots, though, and Tunic's base magic point count affords him 16 shots with the staff.

Tunic is available now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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