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Tunic: How To Unlock The Magic Dagger

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 14:50 PM

The Magic Dagger in Tunic is a useful tool that all players should seek out if they wish to try out all of the magical abilities in the game.

p>The Magic Dagger is the first magic weapon players can find in Tunic, and it's a useful tool that can make many of the game's tougher battles much easier. Found in the West Garden, the Magic Dagger can freeze enemies solid in a block of ice that opens them up to any of Tunic's attacks.

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Finding the Magic Dagger can be a little tricky, though, especially if players don't carefully study their guidebook pages. It's a powerful weapon to have on hand, and players who are eager to try out all of Tunic's magical abilities should follow these simple steps.

The West Garden

After acquiring the lantern and clearing out the Dark Tomb, players will find themselves outside near a small wooden sign with the words "West Garden" etched into it, along with some gibberish symbols. Follow the sign's directions down the narrow path to the left and into the West Garden proper.

Once in the West Garden, players should continue down the path until they reach a large set of stone stairs leading to a Hero's Grave. Nothing can be done here yet, so continue past those steps and over a fallen pillar to pass underneath an overhead bridge.

Walk past a mysterious, metallic door to round the corner and find a fox shrine next to a wishing well. There's a secret path behind the wishing well that leads to another shop with a variety of consumable items and health potions for sale.

Head down the path leading away from the fox shrine and take the wider bridge path around until it opens into a larger platform with a crocodile-like enemy facing away from Tunic.

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This monster is called a Chompignom, and it attacks with quick, ferocious bites. Take the Chompignom down, then head up to find a narrow path that dead-ends at a guidebook page that contains survival tips and a map of the West Garden.

Take the side path back to the platform where the Chompignom was and cross the fallen pillar on the left into the shallow water. Follow the outline of the rubble under the water's surface and take the fork in the path that leads to stairs that give players access to the next island.

Open the nearby chest for some extra money, then walk down the partially concealed steps to a series of wooden planks that cross the water below.

Below The Bridge

After crossing the wooden planks, take a right and follow the path to reach the same overhead bridge from earlier. Take a left and follow the path underneath the bridge to cross another wooden plank.

At the end of this path is another treasure chest, and a short wooden ladder leads up to a shortcut bridge that can be lowered for easy access back to the fox shrine near the entrance of the West Garden.

Once this shortcut is open, head back down the ladder and under the bridge. Continue under the bridge until reaching a dead end, then head down into a new area.

Here, players will have to fight a group of enemies made of Chompignoms and Fairies, stone creatures that shoot magic blasts that can damage or freeze Tunic. Take them out and cross the platform to pass under an archway into another ruined chamber.

There are more Fairies here, so take them down quickly and head up the wooden plank that leads to the wall on top of the archway players passed through to get here.

Follow the wall around to a fallen pillar that crosses some more water and opens into another arena with three Chompignoms. This can be a tough battle, so don't be afraid to use a ranged weapon like a firecracker to damage one of the enemies early.

After defeating those Chompignoms, continue on to another battle with a handful of Fairies. Once they're defeated, open the treasure chest they guarded for an additional 50 money. Head up the ramp on the left to finally reach the top of the bridge.

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On The Bridge

Once on the bridge, take out the Rudeling up ahead on the left, then head up the path on the right. On the floor, players should see a line of purple, glowing runes like the ones found in the hallway leading to the shield.

Another Rudeling can be seen along the pathway leading left, but be wary about picking, as there's another Rudeling with a shield just beyond him.

Ignore the enemies for now and follow the purple runes to the right to find another fox shrine hidden behind some rubble. Save here to restore health and health potions, or use it to upgrade Tunic's stats if possible. Head back to the main part of the bridge and take down the Rudeling knights on the left before cutting down the vegetation blocking the bridge path leading up and to the right.

On the other side of this vegetation is another Rudeling and two Chompignoms, so fight carefully. Stay out of range of the Rudeling's sword, and strafe frequently to avoid the Chompignoms bites. Take them down and cross over to the island they were on, head down the steps, and around the corner into the cave.

The small room inside has a few clay pots in it, and at the back of the room is a short, stone pedestal with a blue, glowing dagger resting on top. This is the Magic Dagger, and players can claim it by simply walking up to it and pressing the A button (on an Xbox controller). Once acquired, the Magic Dagger will need to be mapped to the Y, X, or B button in order for players to use it.

The Magic Dagger freezes enemies in a short line directly in front of Tunic, halting their movements and opening them up for attack. Tunic's base number of magic points (MP) allows him to use the Magic Dagger three times, but his MP can be restored either by eating MP restorative items, by collecting blue crystals that drop from defeated enemies, or by resting at a fox shrine.

Tunic is available now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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