Twitch Streamer Encounters 'Will Smith' Invader in Elden Ring

Twitch Streamer Encounters 'Will Smith' Invader in Elden Ring Image
  • Posted on 09th Apr, 2022 00:20 AM

During a co-op playthrough of Elden Ring, a Twitch streamer was invaded by none other than Will Smith, and the result is comedy gold.

p>Elden Ring continues to excite the imagination of fans well over a month since its release. With so many build possibilities and a robust suite of character creation tools, there is hardly a limit on who or what players can role-play as in Elden Ring. One cheeky player has been invading worlds as Will Smith and just so happened to invade a Twitch streamer live on-air.

Will Smith, of course, has been in the news in recent weeks after slapping comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars. Smith’s slap has been the subject of much discussion and parody. The pop culture world still has its eyes directed towards Will Smith’s slap, and Elden Ring is no exception.

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In a recent Twitch clip from streamer Moist_Walrus, the streamer can be seen playing co-op in Elden Ring when a Bloody Finger invader steps into his world. This Bloody Finger invader is none other than Will Smith, complete with formal attire fitting of the Lands Between. As Moist_Walrus makes his way up the steps of the Academy Gate, invader Will Smith calmly walks to the streamer’s co-op partner, backhand slaps him, and calmly walks back. Bloody Finger Will Smith then takes a moment of respite at the top of the stairs before finally shouting at the subject of his slap. A true Oscars role-playing moment in the world of Elden Ring.

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Will Smith finding himself in Elden Ring is only the latest in the endless fountain of creativity that players have found within the game’s character creator. Fans can expect to see many celebrity roleplayers in Elden Ring, from Adventure Time’s Ice King to even Benedict Cumberbatch. The only thing limiting what is possible with the game’s character creator is the player's imagination. And if the character creator isn’t enough to get a giggle out of even the most serious Tarnished, then the various messages left by other players could certainly squeak out a laugh.

Any player who has dipped their feet into Elden Ring’s multiplayer will be quick to notice that it is often a treasure trove of funny moments. The Lands Between offers itself up as a grim world on the brink of extinction, yet the fanbase fills the world with humorous moments thanks to the game's excellent emergent gameplay. Multiplayer has been such a hit among fans that they’re now asking FromSoftware to increase Elden Ring’s player cap in order to host fight clubs larger than the current four player limit. Along with rumors of a PvP centric DLC in the future, perhaps Twitch streamer Moist_Walrus will get his chance to rematch Will Smith soon enough.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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