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UFC 4: Best Kickboxing Combinations

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 16:11 PM

Kickboxing is a tricky fighting style to master in UFC 4, but these combos can deal massive damage to opponents.

p>UFC 4 has tons of characters available, all with different fighting styles, ratings, and abilities. The best way for players to succeed in fights is to use a variety of combinations, and counter their opponents' fighting style and game plan.

There are many kickboxing combinations that players can use to great success in UFC 4. Players should make sure that they have an overall game plan with punching combinations and a good grapple game, but kickboxing combinations can give a high damage output and often cause the opponent to play overcautiously if landed. Learning combinations when getting started in UFC 4 is crucial to players' success.

6 Body Jab > Straight > Lead Roundhouse

Playstation Input: L2 + Square, Triangle, L1 + X

Xbox Input: LT + X, Y, LB + A

This Kickboxing combination is very simple, but can be useful for dealing a bit of damage to an opponent's body and then a lot of damage to their head. Since it mixes up attacking low and high, opponents may try to block their body after sustaining the initial body jab, leaving them wide open for the straight and lead roundhouse to do tons of damage to them.

This is a basic combo that any player needs to know if they use kickboxers. It's particularly useful at the beginning of a game when players are trying combos without over-commiting.

5 Jab > Straight > Lead Roundhouse

Playstation Input: Square, Triangle, L1 + Cross

Xbox Input: X, Y, LB + A

The Jab, Straight, Leadroundhouse combo solely attacks the opponent's head and can do massive damage with the lead roundhouse after stunning them with the initial one-two punches. While it's nowhere near as advanced as UFC pro move, it does the job in dealing damage to the opponent.

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This is a more simple kickboxing combination, one of the basics that all players should have in their arsenal. It's a quick, staple combo that can tide players over until they try a more advanced one.

4 Straight > Lead Hook > Roundhouse Kick

Playstation Input: Triangle, L1 + Square, L1 + Circle

Xbox Input: Y, LB + X, LB + B

This kickboxing combination is one of the best players can use in UFC 4, as it's a move that can KO anybody. A Straight is a bit more powerful than a Jab and can stun the opponent, then a Lead Hook will rock them and do tons of damage. If players can land the final move, the Roundhouse Kick, they shouldn't be surprised to see their opponent knocked out.

This combination is brutal, even if it isn't the easiest to land all three strikes on the opponent. Still, it's worth trying out. Even if the lead hook misses, as long as the roundhouse kick connects the player will deal a lot of damage that can help them win the fight later.

3 Jab > Hook > Lead Roundhouse

Playstation Input: Square, L1 + Triangle, L1 + Cross

Xbox Input: X, LB + Y, LB + A

The Jab, Hook, Lead Roundhouse kickboxing combination focuses completely on damaging the opponent's head. While a hook does enough damage on its own, following up with a roundhouse is sure to knock down or at the very least rock an opponent if the player manages to land it. Distribution of damage is a concept present in all the best fighting games.

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Having only three inputs to make the kickboxing combination, players should look to learn this combination as soon as possible. It's a good one for players to have in their arsenal offline as well as online.

2 Jab > Lead Body Uppercut > Roundhouse Kick

Playstation Input: Square, L2 + Cross + Square, L1 + Circle

Xbox Input: X, LT + A + X, LB + B

This combination is a little more advanced than those listed above. It may take some beginner players a while to pick it up, but it is absolutely worth being a part of a player's arsenal because of the damage it can do to an opponent's body and head.

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Body uppercuts can do a lot of damage to an opponent's midsection and cause them to flinch (a common fighting game trope). This means that the follow-up roundhouse kick will do a lot more damage to them. Combinations like this can quickly end the fight, so it is well-advised to learn them.

1 Body Straight > Jab > Roundhouse Kick

Playstation Input: L2 + Triangle, Square, L1 + Circle

Xbox Input: LT + Y, X, LB + B

The Body Straight, Jab, Roundhouse Kick combination is one of the best in UFC 4 for kickboxers, as it can deal a ton of damage to the opponent. Roundhouse kicks have long been a fan favorite in martial arts games, and ending a combo with one can be very satisfying.

While a roundhouse kick is hard to land and even harder to time, Body Straights and Jabs are fairly easy to land on an opponent, which is a strength of this combination. Even in the event of not landing the full combination, players will not find themselves too over-committed. Thus, they will be able to mitigate any counter-attacks by the opponent.

UFC 4 is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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