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Valheim: 11 Quality Of Life Features We Hope Get Added

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  • Posted on 30th Sep, 2022 06:25 AM

Valheim has been a fantastic and imposing adventure for players but there are a handful of quality of life features we'd love to see added.

p>The newest game in the popular and ever-growing survival genre, Valheim has taken the world by storm. Selling 5 million copies in its first month, the Viking survival game has been compared to following the early trends of Minecraft in creating a very immersive survival experience with a great crafting and building system.

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The game seems to be an unstoppable force at the moment and is due to get a bunch of content updates in the near future. Modding communities have already begun to appear with all kinds of creative additions for the game such as quality of life updates that make life as a Viking much easier. However, it is possible that one of the future official updates could include some of these changes. Here are 10 quality of life features we hope to get added in Valheim.

11/11 Inventory Sorting

Having a messy inventory can lead to a lot of frustrating situations while playing Valheim. If the player needs to quickly find something in a completely full inventory, it can be fairly difficult. A sort button could solve this pretty easily by moving related items next to each other and quickly allowing the player easy access to items they need. This could help a ton when farming as sometimes junk items will be randomly picked up and having them in an organized section could be a lot easier than looking through everything. It would also help with player chests or community chests as those can sometimes get extremely unorganized through time.

10/11 Clock System

Time of day is really important in Valheim. As with most survival games, players will find themselves wanting to get home before nightfall as the rate of monsters spawning is increased and the forest becomes extremely dangerous to explore. A simple clock on the corner of the screen could be really useful for planning out boss battles and exploration trips as it'll allow the player to plan ahead and not have to just rush back home as soon as the sun goes down. It could also help with waiting for certain encounters that only seem to happen at night. Alternatively, an item that allows the player to keep track of time could also work.

9/11 First Person Mode

Valheim is highly reminiscent of a little game some may know called The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Many players have been revisiting the game's soundtrack as they set out on adventures within the world of Valheim. What could be even better is an option to toggle the first-person mode to make for more immersive combat and give the game a completely different feel.

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There are already a couple of mods for the game that allows this but to have official support would be great. It's not a highly requested feature but would be a welcome one to allow players to relive their memories and create a more immersive Viking experience.

8/11 Ore Teleportation Revamp

One workaround for this could be an endgame recipe that allows for a portal that can transfer a certain amount of ore every hour or so. The ability to completely take ore through a portal would make the game's progression extremely easy and midway through the game it becomes very easy to craft portals. Most players will find themselves having a couple of them already set up at their base. A lot of the most fun parts of the game happen when traveling solo or with friends through the sea with a bunch of ore with the worry that a sea serpent will pop up. This risk adds a different feeling to the game and would be stripped away with a simple progression system. It's a tough topic that is constantly being discussed throughout the community and it'll be interesting to see how the developers respond.

7/11 Infinite Torches

It's a pretty tedious task to have to grab resin from storage and refuel every single torch in a base. Especially as we grow our bases into huge fortresses and have to place torches all over to make sure the outsides and insides are well lit. It would be a lot better to have torches last a lot longer before needing to be refueled or to just have torches with an infinite flame. Having to refuel every single one takes away from time that can be spent going on adventures and could be extremely annoying for solo players. It's a pretty simple thing that doesn't really affect gameplay but rather is just one quality of life change that players would greatly appreciate.

6/11 Max Player Increase

The current max player count on a server is 10 players and while this is a good amount for most, an increase could allow for community servers and community game modes that could help the game grow even bigger. Games like Minecraft have seen huge spikes in popularity with growing servers that specialize in all kinds of different playstyles. Video games are more fun with friends and having a player count set from 50-100 could be a ton of fun considering how big the world of Valheim is. This could also be very interesting with the PvP aspect of the game. Imagine players fighting for control of the trader's hut or a server uniting together to fight against a big boss.

5/11 Scrap Option For Unwanted Items

Having to toss an item on the ground just to pick it up again is one of the most frustrating parts of Valheim. Sometimes when exploring inventory management can really be a pain to get right as there isn't really any feature in the game at the moment to completely discard items. The only way to get rid of items for good is to dig a pit and throw it in or bury it.

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Having some sort of trash can item or even just a button to delete an item forever would be a great quality of life feature. Towards the end game, there are a lot of items that players will find themselves having way too much of, such as trophies, resin, and other materials.

4/11 Trading Menu

While not really a big deal at the moment since most servers consist of friends and not many random people, this could be a very useful feature later down the road if the server count increases or if public servers become bigger. Dropping items on the ground can be a bit unpredictable as in some locations it could possibly glitch out or fall down, never to be seen again. Being able to trade an item through a menu with players would be a lot safer, and could be a lifesaver to avoid getting scammed for items in the future. We don't want to drop food while traveling up a mountain only to find it sliding down as our friends rush to save it only to be devoured by a pack of wolves (this totally hasn't happened before).

3/11 Recoverable Arrows

Firing arrows by accident can be pretty frustrating, especially considering there's currently no way to recover arrows at the moment. This is pretty easy and simple to change and doesn't really affect the gameplay at all besides making it a lot easier to hunt animals and monsters without wasting missed arrows. Whether this comes down to just having a chance that the arrow won't break, or just allowing for any missed arrow to be picked up, this is a highly asked for change within the community that will hopefully get added in a future update. Some of the late-game arrows a costly to make and it's always annoying to fire an arrow or two by accident to find them gone forever.

2/11 Armor Page

This is another feature that will most likely get added in the future as it has been widely requested by the community for some time. Currently, armor has to be left in the player's inventory and there is no separate page for it to go. This just seems like a waste of space for an inventory that already gets filled up fairly quickly while exploring, mining and farming. It could also implement the color customization feature that is only limited to a couple of items in the game. It would be great to customize the color of armor, weapons, and shields so people playing together don't have to look the same.

1/11 Better Storage

There are already some cool features for storage in the game such as the personal chest that allows for players to keep a private stash for items they don't want other players taking. However, the storage system could still use some work as the whole stacking chests on top of each other method isn't ideal. Perhaps in the future, there will be more craftable chests that are much larger and easier to organize but for now, it would just be nice to combine multiple chests to make one bigger one that allows players to make one big chest for a certain item. Having to make 3 different chests for items such as resin and monster trophies is really tedious and could be fixed with some pretty simple quality of life changes.

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