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Valheim: How to Craft a Cartography Table (And How it Works)

Valheim: How to Craft a Cartography Table (And How it Works) Image
  • Posted on 01st Oct, 2022 09:10 AM

Valheim players looking to better understand the new Cartography Table with the Hearth and Home Update can look to this guide.

p>Valheim brings players to a vast and dangerous world filled with enemies. Players are able to shape that world almost at will but have to gather resources, fight off raids, and build homes and new structures regularly. Within the building mechanic of Valheim, players have access to several different design shapes and crafting stations and decorations.

One of the more interesting of these is the Cartography Table added with the Hearth and Home Update. A relatively new item in the game, the Cartography Table in Valheim has been added to help players share their maps. For those looking to build one and learn more about its purpose, this guide is here to help.

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How to Craft a Cartography Table

Those looking to make this item in Valheim will have to gather quite the load of materials. The recipe is readily available for those players that have a level 1 Workbench, a Hammer, and have started working with Bronze. Underneath the Misc tab for the Hammer in Valheim, the Cartography Table requires 10 Fine Wood, 10 Bone Fragments, 2 Bronze Bars, 5 Leather Scraps, and 4 Raspberries. This can be quite the cost for players who haven't put many hours into the game.

Fine wood can be gathered by hitting Birch trees with a Bronze or harder metal Axe. Bone Fragments are often dropped by Skeletons in Valheim, and these are commonly found in the Black Forest Biome protecting Burial Chambers.

Bronze Bars can only be created from 2 Copper and 1 Tin at a Forge. This means players have to smelt at least that much Copper Ore and Tin Ore at a smelter beforehand. The final two types of ingredients can be gathered from killing Boar in the game and picked from Raspberry bushes in the Meadows Biome, respectively.

Once a player has the correct amount of each ingredient, they will be able to build a Cartography Table so long as the placement is within reach of a workbench. All they need at this point is a functional hammer.

How Does a Cartography Table Work

This new addition to the Viking Survival game Valheim is mainly aimed at players on servers or those playing with friends. The Cartography Table prompts the player with two options when they approach it. On one side (the one with a toolbox), players can store their map information. On the other side of the table, other players can copy that stored map data. For those playing solo, their map data can be stored, but not much else can be achieved.

What this does is add a feature Valheim players have been requesting for a while. Allowing players to share map information amongst their group effectively allows all those in the same world to share a map. When one player finds an interesting area on their own, they no longer need to show others where it was or try to explain its location. The Cartography Table in Valheim gives all other players access to that information and lays it out over their own map.

Valheim is available now in Early Access on PC.

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