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Vampyr Shows Almost an Hour of Gameplay

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  • Posted on 11th Nov, 2022 20:59 PM

The video game developer Dotnod Entertainment officially shows off nearly an entire hour of gameplay for the upcoming action role-playing title, Vampyr.

p>Without a doubt, Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod Entertainment's forthcoming action role-playing game Vampyr is considered by many to be one of the most highly anticipated horror games of 2018, as players will be able to take part in a unique story allowing them to embody the life of a vampire in London during the Victorian era. Now, in order to sway those who aren't already eagerly awaiting the title's release, the publisher and developer have put out nearly an entire hour of gameplay that acts as a sort of demo for the type of content one would find in the game.

As seen in the video below at around the 16 minute mark, the new Vampyr footage begins accompanied with developer commentary from Focus Home Interactive's Tom Butler and game director Philippe Moreau, with the two leading off to warn those wanting to go into title fresh that the demo has light spoilers. The gameplay starts at about 6 hours into the RPG, with the protagonist Dr. Jonathan E. Reid having recently become a vampire who is feeling out several of his newly acquired supernatural skills to use to complete various missions.


One of the more interesting aspects shown off and discussed within Vampyr's new gameplay video relates to players' ability to either kill or spare each unique NPC, with their blood being used as a means to upgrade Dr. Reid's aforementioned powers. Those who wish to take a nonlethal route, though, can assist citizens by actually using one's medical skills to heal them, improving the surrounding environments and its greater districts down the line. However, taking such an altruistic approach won't offer players the chance to evolve their vampire abilities.

As noted by Butler and Moreau, Vampyr features multiple endings, as the game will play out in different ways depending on whether or not Reid decides to embrace his darker side by feeding on the innocent or to hold on to his humanity through the outright rejection of his blood lust. Of course, there will be moments when players may have to rely on violence in combat when absolutely necessary, but there's always the possibility to slide into a chaotic world in which Reid is indulging every one of his vampiric urges.

All things considered, with its marriage of rich story arcs, darkly beautiful Victorian set pieces, and detailed RPG mechanics, Vampyr has the potential to become a must-play title for 2018, by satisfying most, if not all gameplay aspects a role-playing fan wants out of a game. Thankfully, we won't have to wait much longer to see what the action-RPG has in store for us.

Vampyr is set to release on June 5, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Twitch

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