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Viral Shaggy Meme Inspires Dungeons and Dragons Homebrew

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  • Posted on 11th Nov, 2022 22:59 PM

Wyrmwood Gaming creates a stat block for Scooby Doo's longtime best friend Shaggy Rogers based on the viral meme depicting the character as a godlike figure.

p>Across the Internet, people are enjoying the latest viral sensation and the first big meme of 2019. These memes depict the Scooby Doo character Shaggy Rogers as an incredibly powerful, godlike figure capable of performing various feats with a minuscule amount of his power. This eventually led to a petition to add Scooby Doo's best friend to Mortal Kombat 11, but others have also taken this opportunity to create this figure of meme-hood for the classic table-top RPG, Dungeons and Dragons.

Shaggy's Dungeons and Dragons stat block pays homage to the classic characteristics of the fan-favorite character, while also drawing attention to certain aspects of the viral meme. Of course, this isn't the strangest creation in the table-top world, as even Old Spice has created a class before.

Nevertheless, thanks to Wyrmwood Gaming, players can now challenge Shaggy with their favorite Dungeons and Dragons character builds, but it's worth mentioning that Shaggy's Challenge Rating is 30, putting the Scooby-Doo figure on par with the legendary and frightening Tarrasque. Moreover, it's worth mentioning that Shaggy's Hey Scoob action is equivalent to 1% of the figure's power, whereas Shaggy's Zoinks!! ability uses just over 12%

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Notably, the figure also has some incredible attributes, with Shaggy's Strength, Constitution, and Charisma all set to 30. The stat block's description even points out Shaggy's reluctance to combat and his endless hunger, but still calls Shaggy "an entity of unfathomable power." Regardless, facing down Shaggy could easily be the worst nightmare for many a Dungeon & Dragons player.

Needless to say, though, this viral meme-hood of Shaggy is all in good fun and likely to end soon, but coming face to face with this figure in Dungeons & Dragons may be more terrifying than the Tarrasque. It's moments like these that speak to the creativity of the tabletop community. Of course, those looking for a less menacing homebrew can also check out this Pokemon conversion.

Dungeons & Dragons is available in print and is also available digitally through Dungeons & Dragons Beyond.

Source: Wyrmwood Gaming

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