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'WandaVision' Funko Pop May Spoil The Show's Plan For Vision All Along

'WandaVision' Funko Pop May Spoil The Show's Plan For Vision All Along Image
  • Posted on 29th Sep, 2022 08:10 AM

The bobblehead collectibles are the perfect way to get extra WandaVision insight, as the latest Funko Pop toys tease Vision's future.

p>This article contains spoilers for multiple episodes of WandaVision.

WandaVision is just a few days away from closing off its very successful run on Disney Plus and according to Paul Bettany, the final episode includes as many fireworks as any MCU project and even a surprise cameo appearance. However, no matter how much WandaVision stars want to tease any plot twists, Funko Pop figures are way ahead of them.

Previously, after WandaVision’s sixth episode had aired, a rather curious Funko Pop named “Pietro Maximoff” (quotes included in the official collectible name) had foreshadowed that Evan Peters’ Quicksilver was just as out of place as her sister Wanda initially suspected. The same situation followed as episodes seven and eight revealed WandaVision’s true villains, with Agatha Harkness also getting the Funko Pop treatment.

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Now, the official Funko Twitter account has shared its privileged insight to tease just what could unfold in WandaVision’s final episode and the mysterious White Vision that was seen in last week’s post-credits scene. Since that episode aired, plenty of fan theories have started floating around suggesting that the WandaVision cameo Bettany had been teasing was actually just himself under the White Vision disguise.

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There are plenty of comic book references to keep in mind when trying to figure out just what this White Vision could be. The most prominent theory that White Vision is inspired by the “Vision Quest” story, in which Wanda’s darling is kidnapped only for Ant-Man scientist Hank Pym to work on him and turn him into a soulless detached version of Vision that happens to be all white.

And that’s not precisely all, as there’s also a comic book villain named Anti-Vision that is the complete opposite of the popsicle-colored Vision that Marvel fans have grown to love, meaning instead of being kind and loving, he’s actually a bit deranged and murderous. Finally, as some clever fans pointed out, the White Vision teased in WandaVision for some reason examines his left arm and that could somehow be tied to Ultron returning to the MCU, a theory supported by the fact that one of the robot's last scenes in Avengers: Age of Ultron saw him missing that particular limb, all of which might explain the second black and blue Vision Funko Pop.

If there’s one thing all these evil Visions have in common, it is the lack of a Mind Stone. The mythical item is what enables Vision’s existence and kind of what makes fans wonder just what will happen to him once WandaVision is over and Wanda starts finding some closure, potentially being forced to say farewell to Vision for good.

WandaVision is exclusively available on Disney Plus.

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