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Warframe: Best Places to Farm Salvage

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 16:11 PM

Salvage is an essential resource in Warframe, and knowing where to farm it can be a huge advantage.

p>There are a plethora of resources available for players in Warframe, Digital Extremes' action RPG crossed with dungeon crawler crossed with MMO. Salvage is one such resource required to build Frames, weapons, and equipment. While it is a very common resource and typically can be found in large clusters, it is required by a tremendous amount of builds meaning that players will occasionally need to farm it for a bit. A beginner mistake in Warframe is ignoring resources when they appear, but players should make sure not to do this.

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Salvage can be found on Mars, Jupiter, and Sedna, and is usually found in the hundreds. Typically, the harder the planet, the more it will shower players in terms of resources. However, every Warframe player is at a different point with their builds and capabilities, so a mixture of planets that offer Salvage is always useful to ensure everybody has a go-to mission to farm the resource.

6 Tharsis — Mars

Tharsis is a level 8-10 Mobile Defense mission with the Grineer Settlement tile set. Players can roam around looking for Salvage in monster drops, lockers, and crates, while ensuring they hit the objective of downloading data from three terminals located around the map. Mars is worth unlocking as quickly as possible for players due to it being required to unlock the Helminth customization system.

Since the enemies are so low leveled, players can easily get through it even with a sub-par loadout. For players that haven't yet unlocked a Dark Sector node, Tharsis is pretty much the best mission for early-game players to go looking for Salvage.

5 Wahiba — Mars

Wahiba is a level 10-20 Dark Sector Survival mission using the Corpus Ship tile set. The first decent farming location for players hunting Salvage, Wahiba can typically net the player up to 1,000 Salvage per run, which can be decent if the player hasn't yet unlocked Jupiter. Mars is required to unlock Deimos, which brings with it the Cambion Drift expansion, so players should look to get through Mars as quickly as possible.

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Players can run a completely unranked loadout and still be able to deal with the enemies on this mission. Survival requires the player to run around and keep gaining Life Support, meaning they are likely to come across a lot of lockers or crates, as well as monsters that will drop the resource.

4 Carpo — Jupiter

A level 18-20 Exterminate mission with the Corpus Gas City tile set, Carpo is a solid choice for players who are looking to gain a decent amount of Affinity along with their Salvage farming. Players should bring one of their best melee weapons to have an easy time during the mission.

Since Extermination missions require the player to roam around looking for enemies and killing them until they are able to extract, it is likelier for players to find lockers and crates that contain Salvage as well as receiving it as a drop from the enemies they kill. While Carpo won't drop as much Salvage as a Dark Sector Jupiter mission is likely to, it can be good for players who are semi-passively farming Salvage rather than putting their full attention onto it.

3 Cameria — Jupiter

Cameria is a solid all-around choice for players no matter what loadout they are rocking. Since the enemies are only level 20-30, nothing too powerful is necessary, and Jupiter missions can regularly yield up to 3,000 Salvage in one run if a player checks all the lockers and crates across the tile set, as well as racking up a lot of kills. By the time players get to Jupiter, they may have a complicated-to-learn Warframe that they are still getting the hang of, so the low level of enemies is welcome in this situation.

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Cameria is a Dark Sector Survival mission with the Corpus Gas City tile set. Since Survival missions require the player to run around seeking Life Support Modules, it's a great way to ensure all the lockers and crates are being broken into while also killing enough enemies to yield Salvage as a drop.

2 Sangeru — Sedna

Sangeru is a Dark Sector Defense mission with the Grineer Asteroid tile set. It has level 35-45 enemies, but players can quickly rack up a lot of Salvage by farming the mission. Obviously, since the level of enemies is high here, players will need to have a competent loadout and a decent mod setup, maybe even using their best shotgun.

Defense missions cause enemies to all come directly to the player to attack whatever is being defended. Because of this, players can expect to pick up the majority of the Salvage they obtain from monster drops. With a competent loadout on public matches, players will have time to check out lockers and crates in-between the waves of enemies.

1 Amarna — Sedna

Amarna is a Dark Sector Survival mission with the Grineer Galleon tile set and level 35-45 enemies. Sedna is one of the hardest planets on the Star Chart, so players need to ensure that they are equipped with a loadout that can dominate enemies of this caliber and using one of the best Warframes that everyone knows.

As this is a Survival mission, players will have to kill swathes of enemies while also traversing the map and activating Life Support Modules until extraction is available. Salvage is one of the main resources of Sedna, and this mission chucks enemies at the player. That, coupled with Dark Sector resource drop bonuses, makes Amarna the best location to farm Salvage on Warframe,

Warframe is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5, Xbox One Series X/S, and PC.

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