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Warframe: Deadlock Protocol Update Available Now on PC

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  • Posted on 12th Nov, 2022 05:30 AM

Digital extremes releases the all-new Deadlock Protocol update for Warframe, the company's popular free-to-play sci-fi ninja game.

p>Digital Extremes’ ever-evolving looter shooter, Warframe, received another major expansion this week with Deadlock Protocol. The update brings a new Warframe, modular weapons, and a questline to highlight an ambitious overhaul for the game’s Corpus faction.

Longtime Tenno are doubtlessly excited by this renovation, which provides graphical updates and mechanical tweaks to the game’s profit-driven enemies and environments. The new story revolves around Nef Anyo’s race to find the heir of the Corpus’ merchant cult's mysterious founder, Parvos Granum, and promises to delve into the faction’s origins.

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Added content includes an update to the Jackal boss on Fossa and the introduction of Granum Crowns, a new currency that will allow players to initiate tiered challenges during missions to earn more loot. Fashion-conscious space-ninjas will want to keep an eye out for new orbiter decorations — one of the many features that earned Warframe a spot as one the MMOs with the best customization options.

 The newest Warframe, Protea, is the face of Deadlock Protocol and comes armed with a variety of gadgets, including a fan of grenades, a flying dual-cannon turret, and a dispensary that can produce health, ammo, or energy. Protea’s final ability, Temporal Anchor, allows her to rewind time to avoid damage, similar to the Overwatch fan-favorite, Tracer.

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Deadlock Protocol’s numerous updates also include the next installment in Nightwave: Glassmaker, the game’s on-going interactive murder mystery questline.  A new crime scene awaits, meaning more opportunities to rank up and earn Nightwave rewards. It may even reveal the identity of the strange, Cephalite serial-killer.

Another exciting, potential game-changer is the inclusion of new, modular kitgun primary weapons that enable yet another degree of customization. It will be interesting to see whether these Solaris-themed weapons manage to change the game’s meta and how they compare to the game’s must-have weapons. Other additions include dojo decorations, skins, and a new MOA companion that focuses on melee combat.

The Warframe community has a friendly rivalry with Destiny 2, Bungie’s similarly space warrior-themed looter shooter, as evidenced by its recent April Fool’s prank. Given the game’s increasingly varied offerings, it would not be surprising if Deadlock Protocol manages to court lapsed Guardians into the ranks of the Tenno.

It remains to be seen if Digital Extremes will be dropping more beach-themed content like last summer’s Dog Days event, but Deadlock Protocol’s myriad offerings seem primed to keep players pleased until the next update.

Warframe: Deadlock Protocol is currently free to download on PC.

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